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Evie Summers
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Information Snapshots

Demeanor: Defender
Nature: Traditionalist
Age: 19



Psychic-healing ● ● ● ● ●
Synergy ● ● ● ●

Story Hooks Music
  • New to Town Evie grew up in New York State. After spending a year backpacking across Europe she's planning to attend school in the fall.
  • Pacifist She's not one to pick a fight, or raise her hand against another person.
  • Malaise Evie suffers from headaches and nose bleeds. It could be she has an interest in medicine because there's something wrong with her.
  • Medical School She has a very informal education on medicine and wants to learn how to heal people professionally.

I dig ’til my shovel tells a secret. Swear to the earth that I will keep it. Brush off the dirt, and let my change of heart occur

Sold soon after the appraisal. The hammer struck the auction table louder than anything i’ve ever heard.

Fault lines tremble underneath my glass house. But I put it out of my mind long enough to call it courage, to live without a lifeline. I bend the definition of faith to exonerate my blind eye “’Til the sirens sound, I’m safe”.

Meanwhile, my family’s taking shelter. The sparks send the fire down the wire. A countdown begins. Until the dynamite gives in.

The echo, as wide as the equator. Travels through a world of built up anger- too late to pull itself together now.

  • Earth-Sleeping at Last

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