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The Front

Feather of Maat Books is an independent bookstore specializing in esoteric, religious, and occult books. As the taciturn proprietor informs those new to the shop the front room is full of New Age tchotchke and pop eesoterica largely curated to appeal to the tourists that come through. Experts in on the subject and those who know books realize that Feather of Maat books has one of the finest collection of obscure, rare, and scholarly tomes on the West Coast.


The Gods

It is clear that the gods of ancient Egypt are revered here. Altars to Sashat, Ra, Osiris, Isis, and especially Baast can be seen through out the shop. The worship of the cat goddess goes beyond the abstract, however. Cats can be seen in every corner of the shop, peering from the tops of bookshelves, curled up in chairs, or exploring the forgotten corners of the space. Baast1.jpgBaast2.jpgBaast3.jpg

Beyond The Curtain

Beyond the occult and scholarly mystique the shop contains mysteries. Those with deep knowledge of the supernatural understand the shop to be safe place for the Undying known as the Amenti, the Bubasti, as well as a meeting place for the Traditions mages, particularly the Order of Hermes.