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Full Name Faina Nikolaeva Markov
Date of Birth February 10th, 1989
Profession Detective
Nature Caregiver
Demeanor Caregiver
Themes This nightmare unfolds like a rose awakes to the spring...
The Past

“No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why.”― Anon.

Born in Moscow, Russia, Faina's early childhood was changed drastically after the untimely death of her father, Nikoli Markov. Faina was taken to the states with her mother, and thrust into an almost Brothers Grimm lifestyle. Once old enough, Faina left home, only to crash into more problems.

The Present

Faina left her old life (and everything in it, good or bad), and moved to Prospect to get away from it all. Some things stick with you, however.

Contacts and Themes

Drake - I'll always remember you.
August - A pleasure, and a possible curse.
Warrick - This is different and a welcomed change.
William - New is always good. I hope the others are like you.
Timara - The past is past.
Mr. Redbird - We'll bring down the decay together.
Yarden - You have a new ally in this battle. You have a new friend.
Glendora - Yes, I have cuffs. Yes, I know how to use them.
Chris - He can knock back a brew and tell me the truth. A keeper.
Trekome - Another arm of the law. Different, but interesting.

RP Hooks
  • CSI Detective: After being reassigned to Prospect, Faina was soon put to work as a Detective working with the CSI division. She is currently working her way toward being promoted to Homicide.
  • Kinfolk: Faina's blood runs pure with that of the Silver Fang Tribe. Since moving to Prospect, she had been introduced into the world of Shifters and the Garou Nation; both with mixed results. They say you can't choose your family...well, she'll see about that.
  • What Doesn't Kill You...: A graduate from the school of 'hard knocks', Faina has been around the block a few times. However, she'll probably make a few more passes before it's all said and done.


The Sick Earth


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