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Faith Donahue is a Sergeant in the Prospect Police Department. For those who know her in the day to day grind of the Mortal world, she is a dedicated officer, who recently had a significant rise in the ranks. She has been known to have an unprofessional streak in down time, like jokes about POTUS and Black Helicopters delivering coffee to night shift might make the citizens laugh, but perhaps not the brass. However, her exemplary service in the line of duty, having been awarded the Medal of Valor, and unquestionable ethics, made her a shoe-in for the Internal Affairs position she now holds.

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Alright - more data gathered. Tables shifting. Parametrics stabilizing. You guys are pretty alright.

Really, you're going to judge me because I have some kind of leftover pheromonal trace. Sure I'm distantly related to Valka Great-thorn. Well I mean shit, she could have helped the Uktena, but I wasn't there. Maybe there's a reason she didn't?

Alright, I had a lot of concerns about you guys based on what I'd heard. I've seen nothing but camaraderie, honor, and patience. I'm really grateful that you're teaching me. And I should have listened the first time!


Well you were almost stories made up to frighten little kinfolk. But you do exist, and you aren't really that are scary as fuck.


So I once said, leadership like yours is the reason ANTIFA is here. It's probably still true. But on the other hand, maybe I just don't like being told what to do, even when it's good for me.


Kindness and education - you're some very decent folks.

I have to say, you've been some of the kindest, most welcoming crew I've met so far in this town. Whatever else is to come, you're survivors. I respect that and honor it.

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Andy & Lucie - Thanks for making me feel at home.

Alexander & Antonio - One of you looks as skittish as I do. Must be the spicy food.

August - You Sir, are an Asshole!

Catherine & Yuri- Partner, Sister, Friend - I'm glad you've got my six. (You better take care of her!)

Branton - Holy Shit. There are no other words for what you did to that bonfire.

Brooke - One hell of a programmer, your insights into what makes a family are fascinating too.

Darius Yates - You have too many secrets to be considered merely exotic. Not bullet-proof.

Doug - It's always my business. If you don't like it, be less obvious.

Dragomir & Felicity - Tradition in so many varieties.

Dre - Thanks for pulling me out of that tailspin. Thought I was a goner.

Dusk - You stand over here - I'll not be right back.

Fred - That's gonna be one hell of a garden. No pics, no leverage.

Furio - Okay that's one mean cannoli, but still, stop coding people without permission!

Gavan - The balance can be achieved, I can see it in you.

George - So many questions, let's start with a map!

Halle - Okay, as much as I appreciate the help, let's avoid getting that close ever again.

Halona - Sneaky bitch! I'm going to have a heart attack and die one of these days. <3

Hunter M & Natalie H. - Such an adorable couple. So friendly too!

Iris - More like a brilliant torch in the dark than a cheap sparkler.

Itto & Miyo - On second thought, please DO NOT tell me what you were doing in the bushes... and please keep the tea.

Jake & Giselle - Thanks for making me feel welcome, and even more for making me feel safe.

Journey & Vesta - Oh what your laughter teaches.. and the lessons are appreciated.

Kirk & Bella - Beautiful couple, so infrequent in the public eye.

Lexi - Tacos and Snakes? Life is complete in this 5' package.

Leona - So you want to learn to ride huh? Let's do this!

Lilian - Interesting woman, numerology? I'm not sure how that equates to science.

Lleutrim - I could see you were destined for the stars. I just didn't realize it was in a neighboring galaxy.

Merek - Kinda pretty for a cop aren't you? Let's see how you shoot.

Paul Barakat & Robert - I can't wait to see the work you're doing with the animals!

Percy - News at 11 has got nothing on you!

Quentin - Weirdo.

Richard - You're right, you're funnier in text. I wish I could just forget I met you.

Samara - Anyone who acts as guilty as you do can't possibly be up to anything.

Sander - You're making stranger and stranger decisions by the day.

Sandra - You cracked the door, and a whole new world is opening before my eyes.

Sergei - Wisdom that crosses the cultural divide.

Steele - It's amazing how perceptions change after we investigate the facts, yeah?

Wyatt Slack - The candle burns brightest in the dark, but it can set a cleansing fire even at noon.

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For every bad day at the office... there's a great day at the beach!


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Faction: Law and Order

Full Name: Faith Anne Donahue

Apparent Age: Early-Twenties

Height: 6' 1"

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Scandinavian

Occupation: Sergeant, Internal Affairs

Badge: #3460

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RP Hooks
Fame - Faith was given the Medal of Valor for heroic efforts during a gang conflict that ended in the death of two uniformed officers. She saved a mother and three children from a burning home, following the explosion that left her scarred.

Law - Faith is a Sergeant in the Internal Affairs Unit for the Prospect Police Department. She is the youngest Sergeant ever tapped for this position, and earned it in the wake of the Mosque Raid Crisis of 2018.

Los Angeles - Faith moved to Prospect from Los Angeles and maintains many ties with the community to the north.

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