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xxxxxFlit is a young Corvid from the Mannin (Isle of Man) who became enraptured with a Celtic Band while exploring the ways of Humanity. So smitten, he decided to follow the musicians as they toured America. The band's tour ended abruptly in Prospect and each member went their separate ways. Fascinated by the City of Hope, he decide to stay and maybe explore his OWN humanity in turn. No used to Humanish Ways he can often seem ignorant or backward.

xxxxx 'Flit!', his Corvid Rite Name, is due to his habit of flying from one interest to another. 'Feeagh' is a Manx Gaelic word and was his instinctive response when a human asked for his name while first trying out his featherless form. He hadn't needed a homid name before and just blurted it out the first thing taht came to mind. 'Raven' in the language he was most used to. It stuck.'

Flitblue.jpg A first glance, Flit! appears to be large raven. Except Ravens have BLACK eyes not BLUE eyes with white irises.

A skilled ornithologist or an Australian native may have some clue to the young bird's peculiar nature.

  • Gaian, Shifter, Fera, Corax
    He's a good Gaian, a shrewd Shifter, friendly Fera and curious Corax. Should any of those be called for he's your bird.
  • Flying about
    Flit loves exploring his new home. The things he's seen in the short time his been here would make his Eastern Cousins jealous or terrified. He's been warned not to enter residences. Too easy to get trapped like that. Maybe you've seen him poking around your yard though. Or around town. He's most often found exploring the natural areas in an around Prospect.
  • The Prospect Waterfront
    This island-born lad has a nest somewhere along the Prospect shores and uses the waterfront as his personal store, acquiring 'lost' clothing and other useful bits and pieces. Late night bonfires are especially fruitful times when the Homids are wasted or other wise distracted by amorous activities. Perhaps you encounter him during his daily (or nightly) investigations of the local shores.
  • The Streets
    A penniless homid, this has been his first step in embracing his humanity. So far he hasn't joined a gang or started turning tricks, but he's still new to it all. Perhaps you spy the young lad as he tries his wings at 'being human.'
  • Umbral Ranger
    He knows a few safe paths. A few hidey-holes. He's looking for more. Perhaps you encounter him as he explores the other side or is looking for weak spots in the Gauntlet.
  • Kinfolk
    While still new to town he's met a few of his kin. He looks forward to meeting more in time.
  • Spirit Network
    Through his exploration of the local Umbra, he's started to make friendships among some of the Animal Spirits. This is in part as he is recognized to have some special Spirit Heritage among their kind.
  • The Streets
    While not having any 'established' contacts as yet, he is not above exploring this as an avenue to gather what he needs.

Birds of a Feather

My local Corax cousins.
Some refer to a group of Ravens as “an unkindness” or even “a conspiracy”. One is just rude and so wrong, the other maybe closer to to the truth, still I much prefer "a Congress of Ravens". It reflects better we have important deeds to do.

The Kin mention her as a fellow Corvid. Perhaps she has some secrets of how best to embrace one's humanity. I shall seek her.

The Kin have made mention of him, though they don't seem to be able to say much other than he's Gaian. I look forward to no more of this Royan the Awesomest.

The Kin spoke of a young Sorceress among their number. They say she is a talented Teller of Fortunes. I shall seek her at The_Lost_Art she is said to haunt.

Persons of Interest

These are natives of the local area that I have discovered of interest.

  • Badass Gaian Sorceress
    She is said to be a fierce sorceress among the kinfolk. I am advised to seek her out being a newcomer and may of help making an adjustment to the City.
  • The Ginger She-wolf
    Met her in the Deep Forest. Friendly enough, but made sure I knew where I WASN'T invited.


This is pretty much OOC Stuff
I just wanted to keep a handy reference of how different Merits, Flaws, Backgrounds and other stuff worked.

Merits & Flaws

This totally OOC Stuff
I just needed some place to keep it as a easy reference... so yeah... OOC, please and thank you.

  • Bird's Eye Merit (4)

A Corax with this Merit has the knack for automatically picking the right target to follow out of a crowd. Even if there are 60 Garou at a moot, a Corax with this Merit has merely to make a successful Wits + Awareness roll (difficulty 7) to pick out the proper (read: most interesting; this can also be translated as "most important to the ongoing plot") target to follow. A botch on this roll sends the Corax in the entirely wrong direction, which can also have interesting consequences.

  • Double Draught Merit (2)

Most Corax can only drink from one of any given dead man's eyes. You have the unique knack of drinking from both, allowing you to see details more mainstream Corax might miss. You get the best and worst of the corpse's death, and can integrate the two to form a coherent picture, rather than being forced to rely on one viewpoint or the other.

  • Approachable (1)

There's something very inviting and nonthreatening about you. People find you very easy to start a conversation with. Even distrustful creatures tend to put aside their instinctive wariness of mortals in regard to you. Reduce the difficulty of any Empathy rolls involving other people by two.

  • Lifesaver Flaw (3)

You believe that human life is a sacred gift, and will not take a person's life except in the most extreme of circumstances. You may not ever willingly endanger the lives of innocents or in any way participate in a killing. You have no problems with killing animals (for the right reasons), and will kill evil and inhuman creatures to protect others if necessary. (Be very careful, however, with your definition of "evil"....) Senseless death in all forms repulses you, and you feel that those who commit murder should be punished.

  • Curiousity Flaw (2)

You are a naturally curious person, and find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In most circumstances, you find that your curiosity easily overrides your common sense. To resist the temptation, make a Wits roll (difficulty 5) for simple things like, "I wonder what is in that cabinet." Increase the difficulty up to 9 for things like, "I wonder what those strange sounds coming from the Unseelie duke's freehold are. I'll just slip in and check it out — no one will ever know. What could possibly go wrong?"

  • Slip Sideways (1)

ou can't always control your passage to the Umbra. If, during a stressful situation, you should confront a highly reflective surface, roll Wits + Occult, difficulty 7, to avoid making the shift. You must still make a Gnosis roll to pass the Gauntlet in this instance, though your difficulty is 1 less — but only when you accidentally step sideways. If you want to go through, you're at normal difficulty.

  • Ignorant (1)

You tend to miss common cultural references that others take for granted, such as the knowing that the Statue of Liberty is in New York City. You're not necessarily dumb or uneducated; a cloistered college researcher could just as easily dive so deeply into his field of study that he dismisses anything outside it. You do tend to give people the impression that you're slow and uneducated, however.

Background Benefits

This totally OOC Stuff
Background Subset.

  • Kinfolk(1)

Kinfolk are your family -- humans or wolves whom Luna may never have blessed with the potential to Change into Garou, but who continue to care for and support your part in the war. Human kinfolk, unlike most other humans, are immune to the Delirium, being able to bear the sight of you in your war-forms without instinctive fear. Kinfolk are prime reproductive partners; children you have by Kinfolk have a chance to become Garou, whereas children you have by non-Kinfolk only have a chance to be Kinfolk themselves.

You can ask your Kinfolk to keep an eye on a particular location for you, often your home. They'll be able to alert you if anything unusual is going on.

You can ask your Kinfolk to manage day-to-day affairs for you, which helps you hold more Influence than usual. Each Kinfolk you employ in this way adds one to the total number of Influence Traits you can maintain. (See the Influence rules for more information.)

  • Other People's Secrets(1)

Corax know things. That's what they're all about, after all -- knowing things. Furthermore, Corax have a mandate from Gaia to uncover things that other folks want to keep hidden. A wereraven with this background is already one step ahead of the game, and has uncovered something that she has absolutely no business knowing. The secret could belong to another Corax, or it could be a tidbit about another supernatural creature. It might be something relating to one individual, or it could be a secret relating to a race (or Breed) as a whole. It could even be the knowledge of a particular Gift or rite normally unavailable to Corax.

The point is, however, that a Corax with this background knows something she shouldn't. Other Corax will try to coerce the secret out of her, while those whose beans have been spilled may come looking for vengeance.

Note: Someone Else's Secrets works in a fashion similar, but not identical, to the Bastet's Secrets Background. Other People's Secrets has a definitely nasty and dirty connotation to it. A Corax with this Background knows dangerous, potentially fatal things -- this goes far beyond gossip.

1) A Small Secret

2) A Gift, rite, or other moderately important matter.

3) A matter of life and death for someone.

4) Not earth-shattering, but important on a citywide scale.

5) Something no Corax should have a right to know -- such as a Yava or the sleeping place of an Antediluvian.

  • Spirit Heritage with Animal Spirits(1)

Similar to Pure Breed in a sense, Spirit Heritage is a measure of your spirit's noble lineage. It represents your passages through the cycle, and the things your spirit has done before. When you select this background, choose one type of spirit. Examples of possible groups are animal spirits, plant spirits, elementals, urban spirits, and even Banes. When dealing with spirits of this type, the player may add his Spirit Heritage rating to any Social rolls, or rolls involved in challenges. Spirits whom you are attuned to view you, to some degree, as one of their own -- a daunting prospect for those attuned to Banes, when other Garou discover their heritage. Spirits recognize this power innately, and cannot help but be impressed by it. Each level of Spirit Heritage you possess provides a bonus to your Social Traits in Social Challenges with Spirits who favor your lineage. Visible only in the Umbra.

Spirits whom you are attuned to will see you as more than just another Garou, they will also view you as one of their own. If you act against such spirits or ignore their plights, you may be seen as betraying them.

  • Spirit Network(1)

This Background is the spiritual equivalent of Contacts. You maintain good relationships with small spirits in the region, who gladly feed you information about goings-on in the local Penumbra. Sometimes they notice things that physical observers on Earth just wouldn't catch. This Background contributes to the generally creepy reputation of the Theurge Auspice, giving them access to information they would have no real way of knowing.

This background is most often employed in Downtimes or by role-playing with a Storyteller. The level of the Background corresponds to the extent of knowledge the Spirit Network can discover.

  • Umbral Maps(1)

Corax run the Umbra as well as, if not better than, anyone. Apart from the Nuwisha, the Corax spend more time in the Umbra than anyone else, and over the millennia the raven-folk have searched out routes, paths and safe back alleys through the Velvet Shadow. More to the point, they've communicated this knowledge and disseminated it, meaning that chances are pretty good that any given wereraven has a chance of knowing at least a few safe routes and safe places in the Umbra. Corax with this background also have a shot at knowing where the local unsafe places are, what lives in them, and possibly, how to lure unfriendly creatures into those places where visitors aren't welcome.

1) One or two safe paths and a hidey-hole or two

2) Multiple routes to frequent destinations

3) Knowledge of safe zones, routes practically anywhere, and where not to go

4) Multiple safe places and hideouts, an encyclopedic knowledge of Umbral pathways and an awareness of what lives where

5) A near-perfect knowledge of the Near Umbra, where to go, and what to avoid

  • Library(0)

With this Trait, your character has access to a great wealth of information. This 'library' may take the form of books, old scrolls, computer databases or even friends who have it all in their heads and who are happy to share it with you. Most importantly, your character can access this information whenever she wants and study it at will. The knowledge contained in your character's library can include both mundane and occult elements. Although it may not always prove entirely reliable, more often than not your character can take her time, cross-reference and check her information. Best of all, such a library is often a wealth of information that your particular character considers important, so it can have useful knowledge about magic, the supernatural and other obscure topics that wouldn't be found in a more mundane collection.

Libraries are especially useful in unearthing new lore, Sphere knowledge or specialized information. Use a Mental Attribute + Library roll to look up information regarding an arcane of obscure topic. Success helps your character in such an endeavor, possible justifying the expenditure of experience on such Traits.

Depending on the nature of the 'library', your character may choose to keep it somewhere readily available to other characters. In such a case, all player with access can pool their Library scores and benefit from the increased wealth of information (pending Storytelling approval). However, they may run into duplication of information. Thus, a pooled library is only as effective as the best Library rating in the group, plus one for each additional Library thrown in.

x You have no particular information resources.

1)You've got some New-Age paperbacks.

2) Your library is 90% pulp and 10% substance.

3) You have numerous useful texts.

4) You have an enviable collection, both occult and mundane.

5) You can access lore, lost secrets, common wisdom and obscure facts

  • Resources(0)
Dot-filled.png $500/month - $1,000 if liquidated - small savings - tiny apartment, cheap vehicle
Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png $1,200/month - $8,000 if liquidated - middle class - apartment or condo, sturdy vehicle
Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png $3,000/month - $50,000 if liquidated - large savings - small house, mid-sized vehicle
Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png $9,000/month - $500,000 if liquidated - well off - large house, luxury vehicle
Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png $30,000/month - $5,000,000 if liquidated - rich - mansion, limousine

  • Contacts(0)

You maintain a number of informal connections with people in many walks of life. You can work these connections to gain information about activities going on in the city. In your Downtimes, tell the Storytellers what information you want to dig up, and the number of Traits in Contacts you will use to dig. You'll get information as if you had that number of Traits in an Influence appropriate to your inquiry.

  • Allies(0)

Allies represent specific human friends, colleagues, and partners who don't necessarily know about your supernatural secret life, but who will help you out in a pinch. Each dot in Allies represents one person with particular expertise, such as researchers, lawyers, craftsmen, and thugs. Each dot in Allies also represents the maximum number of Ability Traits each person can bring to bear on a problem.

Work with the Storytellers to define these Allies, and then mention them in your Downtimes to have them perform tasks for you. Each dot of Allies you expend in your Downtime brings one level of an ally's Ability to bear on a task.

For example, three dots of allies might represent Mary, Mark and Luke, who are a scientist, a spy and a smith, respectively. In your Downtimes you could spend three points of Allies to have Mark shadow a target with Stealth x3. Or you could have him shadow a target with Stealth x2, while Mary does research with Science x1.

  • Fame(0)

Your reputation precedes you. You are so well-known within your circles of influence that your name alone can often get things done, no matter where you happen to be.

Fame is an unusual background, mechanically. If you're a member of this chronicle playing this chronicle, Fame doesn't give any particular mechanical benefits. If you're a member of this chronicle playing another chronicle in TGN, you are subject to their rules for Fame -- which might be similar to these, or might not. It's when you are a visiting player from another chronicle playing here that these rules for Fame kick in: Each Trait of Fame you possess allows you to perform a single Influence action in the Twin Cities. On a side note, your level of fame determines how well you are recognized. This can benefit as well as be a hindrance.


This totally OOC Stuff
These are the areas of Influence Flit! is interested in.

  • Influence(0)

  • Occult(0) (Through Spirits and Wolves)

  • Transportation(0) (Through Flying and Umbral Mapping)

  • Street(0) (through Street Living)

  • Police(0) (through Street Living)

  • Underworld(0) (through Street Living)

  • Industry(0) (no more then 1, flying over Construction Sites)

  • Universtity(0) (no more then 1, Spying on Students)


This totally OOC Stuff
Gift Stuff

  • Enemy Ways (Level One)

This is a danger sense. Taught by one of Grandfather Thunder’s Stormcrows, Enemy Ways is more than just a heightened (and reasonably accurate) sense of paranoia. Instead, it provides solid information on what immediate peril a Corax faces.

With a successful Perception + Stealth roll the Corax can pick up hints as to the nature of enemies in the area. Usually a Corax who uses this Gift successfully can pick out the number and type of his opponents; with five or more successes sometimes more can be learned.

  • Raven's Gleaning (Level One)

Raven’s Gleaning takes advantage of the legendary Corax predilection for bright, shiny objects. In essence, a value detector, the Gift allows a Corax to look at a shiny object and, at a glance, discover whether or not it’s worth picking up. Raven himself, or a Raven-spirit acting under orders from the big guy, teaches this Gift.

Raven’s Gleaning costs a point of Gnosis, and requires a Perception + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 5). A single success merely gives a yes/no answer as to whether the item is worth snatching. Additional successes can give the Corax an idea of value, composition, craftsmanship and so on.

  • Voice Of The Mimic (Level One)

This Gift allows the Cora to imitate any sound or voice she has heard. Voices and accents are all covered by the scope of the Gift, as are machine noises, crashes, gunfire and any other noise you can imagine. Voice of the Mimic is taught by a mynah-spirit.

The Gift requires a Perception + Expression (or Mimicry) roll, with the difficulty based on the complexity of the sound.

Ranks & Ranking

Stuff about Ranks and Ranking
Rank or Ranking is not the end all and be all of life but it helps as a guide post of success and progress in terms of being a worthy bird.



For a shifter to advance in rank, we impose a minimum amount of time in the current rank in addition to the renown requirement:

Rank Minimum time
0 (cub) to 1 None
1 to 2 1 month
2 to 3 3 months
3 to 4 6 months
4 to 5 8 months

By this chart, the fastest any shifter can advance from Rank 1 to Rank 5 is 18 months.

Falling in rank due to renown loss:

  • One-month grace period to regain renown before falling in rank.
  • Minimum time is waived to regain rank previously held and then lost.


In the books, spirits witness your deeds when no one else is around, Galliards sing your praises, and you gain Renown as a direct result of your bravery, and general awesomeness. In tabletop, the Storyteller manages this. On a MU it's generally left to one's peers and those peers don't always give credit where credit is due.

Renown requests can be submitted with +renownreq.

See Also: +help +renownreq


Rank Glory Honor Wisdom
1 (Oviculum) 3
2 (Neocomix) 6
3 (Ales) 1 2 8
4 (Volucris) 2 3 10
5 (Corvus) 3 5 10


Activity Award
Showing mercy to a wayward Changer 1
Discovering a talen 1
Staying at one's post when tempted not to 1
Healing another Changer unselfishly 1
Giving good advice 2
Summoning an Incarna avatar 2
Maintaining good relations with Kinfolk 2
Completing a Spirit Quest successfully 3
Choosing a mate and breeding 3
Teaching another Breedmember 3
Having and properly following a prophetic warning 5
Giving a prophetic warning that comes true later 5
Ending a serious threat without harm to any Breedmembers 5
Discovering or creating a new Gift 7
Participating in a rite to create a Den-Realm 7
Suffering a frenzy -1
Accidentally breaking a talen -1
Using a fetish for selfish reasons only -1
Having poor relations with Kinfolk -3
Attacking a much more powerful enemy without aid -3
Breaking a fetish -3
Breaking a powerful and necessary fetish -5
Acting disrespectfully during a Rite -5


Activity Award
Showing restraint in the face of certain death 1
Showing devotion to the greater good 1
Dealing respectfully with other Fera 1
Protecting helpless humans in need 2
Participating in a just challenge 2
Acting selflessly for the greater good of the Breed 3
Mediating a dispute fairly and impartially 3
Ignoring strong feelings of vengeance and hatred 5
Being truthful in the face of extreme adversity 5
Protecting helpless animals related to the Breed 5
Enduring torture to protect fellow Breedmembers 7
Death in defense of Gaia 7
Acting selfishly -1
Not protecting helpless humans -1
Being deceptive in the face of extreme adversity -1
Failing to keep promises -3
Being deceptive -3
Participating in an unjust challenge -3
Not protecting a helpless Breedmember -5
Completely ignoring etiquette -5
Giving false testimony against a Breedmember -5


Activity Award
Telling a good story at a gathering 1
Participating in a just challenge 1
Proving one's bravery in a routine situation 1
Surviving an incapacitating wound 2
Defeating a minor threat 2
Telling a true epic that is later retold by others 2
Defeating an average threat 3
Traveling to an Umbral Realm and surviving 3
Defeating a strong threat 5
Dying while defending a Den-Realm 5
Defeating a very powerful threat 7
Sacrificing oneself for the greater good 7
Succumbing to fox-frenzy -1
Losing territory to a major enemy -3
Conscious cowardice that results in the death of another of your Breed -5

More Personal Stuff

This totally OOC Stuff
I just needed some place to keep it as a easy reference... so yeah... OOC, please and thank you.

<---=##================[ A-Large-Black-Bird ]================##=---> <---=##=---------------------[ Vitals ]---------------------=##=--->

 Age...........................18  Breed.....................Corvid
 Camp.......................Gaian  Concept.Country Bird In Big City
 Current Form........Corax-corvid  Demeanor..................Enigma
 Faction....................Gaian  Fullname..................Feeagh
 Geographic Origin....Isle Of Man  Nature.................Trickster
 Race.....................Shifter  Risk Level.....................2
 Rite Name...................Flit  Shifter Rank...................1

<---=##=-------------------[ Attributes ]-------------------=##=--->

       Physical                Social                 Mental          
 Strength.......01/02  Manipulation...-2/01  Perception.......07/04
 Dexterity......05/04  Charisma.......04/04  Intelligence.....02/02
 Stamina........03/03  Appearance.....02/02  Wits.............04/04

<---=##=---------------[ Primary Abilities ]----------------=##=--->

      Talents                 Skills                Knowledges        
 Alertness......03/03  Animal Ken......03/03  Enigmas.........04/03
 Dodge..........04/03  Stealth.........03/03  Investigation...01/01
 Primal Urge....03/03  Survival........03/03  Linguistics.....01/01
 Streetwise.....01/01                         Lore Fera.......03/03
 Subterfuge.....02/01                         Occult..........01/01

<---=##=--------------[ Secondary Abilities ]---------------=##=--->

   Secondary Talents     Secondary Skills   Secondary Knowledges   

<---=##=---------------------[ Powers ]---------------------=##=--->

 --------------------------- < Gifts > ----------------------------
 Enemy Ways.01/01  Raven's Gleaning.01/01  Voice Of The Mimic.01/01
 --------------------------- < Rites > ----------------------------

<---=##=-------------------[ Advantages ]-------------------=##=--->

      Backgrounds                 Merits               Flaws          
 Kinfolk...........01/01  Approachable...01/01  Curiosity.....02/02
 Other People's Sec01/01  Bird's Eye.....04/04  Ignorant......01/01
 Spirit Heritage...01/01  Double Draught.02/02  Lifesaver.....03/03
 Spirit Network....01/01                        Slip Sideways.01/01
 Umbral Maps.......01/01                           

<--==##=---------------------[ Pools ]----------------------=##==-->

 Banality......07/07  Blood..........25/25  Faith.............02/02
 Gnosis........06/06  Health.........07/07  Rage..............01/01

<---=##=----------------------[ Misc ]----------------------=##=--->

 Glory.........00/00  Honor..........00/00  Temp Glory........00/00
 Temp Honor....00/00  Temp Wisdom....00/00  Wisdom............03/03
 Lang Avian....05/05  Lang Corax.....05/05  Lang English......05/05
 Lang Gaelic...05/05  






Cur meer da'n feeagh, as hig eh reeisht.
Give a piece to the raven and he'll come again.
- Old Manx Saying
vital statistics
Corvid Name: Flit!
Homid Name: Fleeagh
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Sphere: Gaian Shifter
Demeanor: Enigma
Species: Fera Corax
Origin Country: Mannin (Isle of Man)
...and he sent out a raven, and it flew here and there until the water was dried up from the earth.
- Genesis 8:7
notable attributes
Willpower •••••• (Confident)
Gnosis •••••• (Spiritual)
Perception ••••/••• (Spying)
Dexterity ••••/• (Aerialist)
Wits •••• (Puzzler)
Charisma •••• (Infectious Humor)
Flit's Strength • (He's just a bird!)
Feeagh's Strength •• (Just a normal guy)
Stamina ••• (He can keep up)
Manipulation • (He's kinda simple)
to move lightly and swiftly; fly, dart, or skim along
- dictionary.com
notable skills
Alertness •••
Dodge •••/•
Flight •••
Mimicry •••
Animal Ken •••
Stealth •••
Survival •••
Enigmas •••/•
Fera Lore •••
Multilingual Avian, Corax
Multilingual English, Gaelic
The eye that mocks a father And scorns a mother, The ravens of the valley will pick it out, And the young eagles will eat it.
- Proverbs 30:17
(Wait! Hold up a second, then. Why does the EAGLE get the eye when the RAVEN did all the WORK!?)
- ...Just sayin'
other notables
Corvid Gift Enemy Ways
Corvid Gift Raven's Gleaning
Corvid Gift Voice of the Mimic
Merit Bird's Eye
Merit Double Draught
Merit Approachable
Myr s'doo yn feeagh yiow eh sheshey.
Black as is the raven, he'll get a partner.
- Old Manx Saying

Born To Fly -Sara Evans

How do you wait for heaven
And who has that much time
And how do you keep your feet on the ground
When you know
That you were born, (you were born, yeah),
You were born to fly

HeliosTheSun.gifGaian.pngWerewolf.pngCorax2.png Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile - Seo Linn
When You Come Back Down - Nickel Creek