Fellowship of the Secret Word

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Fellowship Of the Secret Word

Periti soli transire possunt!


The Fellowship of the Secret Word is a Tradition chantry located in the city of Prospect, California. The fellowship is a society of will workers hailing mostly from the great Hermetic House of the Crescent Moon but is open to any Tradition mage with an allied paradigm. Besides advancing the Hermetic agenda on the West Coast, the Fellowship is concerned with the mysteries of ancient Egypt, the power of language, education, history, and the preservation the written word as a means to Ascension.


  • Feather of Maat Books - An esoteric bookshop we use the public face of our organization. It's located at 3rd and E street.
  • Chantry House - The cabal keeps a chantry house at an unpublished location.
  • Influence - The Fellowship has a great deal of influence over the local University and academia at large. It's goals are largely intellectual and it uses the academy as a means to these ends.
  • Library - Between it's relationship with the University and the greater Hermetic community, the Fellowship has amassed a sizable knowledge base. The Fellowship has nearly limitless mundane resources and a generous magical library at its disposal.
  • Endowment - The Fellowship has a more than generous endowment that it uses to fund it causes and agenda. It's members do not have to work if they do not wish to, though most choose to as they find it rewarding.
Paradigm and Goals
  • Paradigm - The Fellowship is deeply committed to the religious ritual magic of the ancient Egyptians but grounded in general Hermetic philosophy. While we revere the mysteries of the past we do not let it chain us. Computers and modern science also inform our work.
  • Goals - The Fellowship is more than a group of librarians. Our goals are as follows:
    • Library - The Fellowship has been entrusted with an extensive collection of important magical texts, some of which are extremely rare. We are concerned with protecting these volumes and expanding our collection for the benefit of those the properly initiated.
    • Academia - Many Traditions recruit from the ranks of academics and the Fellowship has many academic contacts. It is our intention to cultivate the academic institutions in Prospect so they provide the Order and the Traditions with properly trained apprentices, acolytes, consors and grogs. By covertly influencing academia we will use these institutions as organs of the Traditions. The power of these institutions to create an environment where Traditional ideas can thrive and stymie ideas of our enemies.
    • Ancient Egypt - The Fellowship was founded by members of House Shaea. As such, we are regularly hold rites to honor the Egyptian pantheon. See our Glossary of Ancient Egyptian language.
    • Translation - The Fellowship is actively involved in translating ancient knowledge so that its wisdom can benefit modern humanity.
  • Fellowship of the Secret Word is primarily recruits from the Order of Hermes at large but mages from other Traditions with an affinity for language are encouraged to apply as well. Orphans are generally not accepted unless they can demonstrate not only compatibility but also a rigorous praxis, discipline, and a desire towards Ascension. Prospective members should have religious and/or academic backgrounds, have a strong interest in language, and/or a passion for the preservation of knowledge through the written word.