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Vampire "Half-life. Nothing but exponential decay over time."
Werewolf "Volatility. Pressure leads to vaporization."
Wraith "Echo. A reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound."
Changeling "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep."
Demon "Even Divine spark degrades over time."
Mortal "Clay. From this base matter, all else arises."

Akashic Brotherhood "Metempsychosis."
Cult of Ecstasy "Boldly trespassing through the doors of perception."
Celestial Chorus "Jacob's ladder."
Dreamspeakers "Totems."
Euthanatos "Ouroboros."
Hollow Ones "Deshabille."
Order of Hermes "The lion in winter."
Sons of Ether "The Engineers of Utopia."
Verbena "Blood of the Triple Goddess and the Horned God."
Virtual Adepts "The Subversion of Dystopia."
Technocracy "The Ministry of Plenty."
Nephandi "Perversion. The Sephirot, inverted."
Nephandi "Non compos mentis."

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Pascal, NPC Retainer "My apprentice, assigned by the Order. One of the many burdens that I bear for my sins. He's a good kid mixed up in some bad things. Will this apprenticeship damn him, or save him?"
Archimedes, NPC Retainer "My grog, assigned by the Order. He's been around the block a few times, both in-country and out, and is one canny tough sonuvagun. We watch each other's backs, but more out of circumstances than grand design. Still, there are worse grogs to have been assigned, and he's handy to have around in a scrap."

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RP Hooks

In the Mundane world...


Are you a student at UC-Prospect? Then maybe you've taken a math class with the good doctor. Or maybe you're taking one of his classes currently! He's also available for one on one tutoring.


Are you into the ponies? The pups? The sweet science? Other sports? If a bet can be placed on it - horses, greyhounds, boxing - then the man known as Fibonacci is the man to see. If you're looking for a game of Texas Hold'em or other poker variant? That too can be arranged. For a nominal fee, of course, and a little bit skimmed off the top.

In the Supernatural world...


He's well versed in this mystical field. Numerology is his specialty.

Traditions Mages

He's an agent of the Order of Hermes, hailing from House Fortunae. He's an entropy mage, but none of that filthy Jhor touched Death Magic nonsense to be found here, no sir. No, he's a purveyor of fortune magics, and more of a working your numbers rather than having your number kind of guy. Pay no attention to those salacious rumors that rear their ugly head once in a while regarding his purported "secret agenda". The Order of Hermes is an entirely above board organization, don'tcha know!

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Mundane ID: Dr. Henry Beauregarde
Cover: Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
Vocation: Clandestine Bookie for the Mob
Apparent Age: Early 40s
Faction: Traditions
Tradition: Order of Hermes
House: Fortunae
Assignment: Fixer, Materiel & Personnel Division
Demeanor: Pedagogue


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Notable Stats

Intelligence PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png
Manipulation PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png

Mathematics PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png
Numerology PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png

Resources PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png
Influence - Underworld PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png
Retainers PurpleDot.pngPurpleDot.png

Merit: Lightning Calculator (1)
Flaw: Dark Secret (1)
Flaw: Deranged - Numerological Glossolalia (3)
Flaw: Rivalry (3)

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Α Ω, the bulletproof briefcase
Gauss, the Blowgun
Pascal, the Apprentice
Archimedes, the Grog
Omar, the Rival

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