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Life is a rainbow, and it takes a special sort to really see all its colors. From the most iridescent crystals, to the dullest of opaque shadows, the world is a wonder to be explored and learned. Life is a high that you just don't stop living, and why would we ever bother trying to blend in? There is a time and a place to blend in, and with this world of greys, of dark and matte colors with no shine or gloss, well now just isn't that time. Its time to stand out!

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My Family

Lacey - [| Mine. Forever and always.]

Juliette - Her wisdom is beyond her years... and her tolerance knows no limits.

CJ - You have the best family, and I'm happy to be part of it.

My Friends

Trekome - The heart of a warrior.

Quinn - Be safe... you are so very brave.

Sahael - Trashman... you are so peculiar.

william - It'll have to be just hugs, for now.

Revi - Another rainbow!

Tenova - Welcome to the best place you'll ever be!

Rianna - Control your fire, before it consumes you.

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RP Hooks

Kinfolk: of the Garou! You a 'roo? Or anyone with a sharp nose? I am family!

Spirit Sight: You living challenged? Made out of dreams? Prefer the other side of reality? Well, I can see you! All the time! Its a bit overwhelming!

Strange Street Art: She is walking art, spattered all the time with paint from her projects. Are you tracking her down for vandalism? Trying to get her autograph? She isn't famous, but she leaves a mess behind!

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Age: ???

Visible Age: Late Teenager

Eyes: Heterochromatic: Green and Red (Clearly, contacts)

Hair: A rainbow!~


- Extremely eccentric looking


- Kinfolk (Garou)

- Spirit Sight

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