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Vampire "Somehow, I knew that Caine brat was going to make trouble. Now look at what's happened. If left unchecked, they could devour all that remains of real Faith in the world. We cannot allow this, at any cost."
Werewolf "Fascinating. They change their shapes like my siblings, yet seem much closer to the Rabisu. Worth study."
Wraith "The house the Halaku built seems to have grown unruly during our absence. But perhaps there is something worth finding there. When I run out of ocean to search, I may have to investigate."
Changeling "Are they men pretending to be dreams? Or dreams pretending to be men? There must be a connection between them and my siblings. I must know more."
Mage "They wield power like unto our Lore, and guard many secrets. If only I could enthrall one. Surely, they hold the key to rebuilding Eden."
Mortal "You are all that remains of our Father. You, whom He loved more than anything. Even me. And yet you do not even believe He existed. That is either the greatest of tragedies or the most hilarious of ironies, and I cannot say for certain which it is."

Devil "They brought the Word and the Will to Eden, and were always the best part of us. This, of course, makes their Fall the most sorrowful."
Scourge "My siblings and I owe them much. There could be no storms without wind. No life without breath. Our work could never have begun without theirs."
Malefactor "There is no stone so mighty that it cannot be carved by water. And yet, they retain many secrets. Distasteful, but I must work with them if my work is to succeed."
Fiend "My closest brethren outside of my own House. They gave me the tools I needed to be the Throne of Reflection. They provided me the canvas upon which to paint. For that, I must be grateful."
Devourer "We have so much in common. Why, then, are we nothing alike? There is no living creature in all of Eden that survives without water. Their knowledge of the wild places could prove invaluable. If only they would listen."
Slayer "The day may come when I must have passage to the Second World to find the answers I seek. But can they be trusted, after all this time?"
Luciferan "The Star of Morning is not the answer we seek. He could not save Eden then. I do not think he can save it now. We must accept that the war is over, and turn our energies to rediscovering what we have lost."
Faustian "They make able shepherds of Adam's children, but little else. Still, the answers can be found in the most surprising of places, and we all benefit from healthy pacts. Worth cultivating as friends."
Reconciler "I wish it were possible. Truly I do. But I have seen too much. We defied Him. And He will never forgive us for it. Better to accept that than to waste away hoping for what we can never have."
Ravener "Our Father is gone. The Host is gone. Eden could be ours again, just as it was in the First Days. And yet you would destroy it all anyway? Are you mad?"