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 14th Generation          Abandoned Cub            Absent-minded
 Abusive Partner          Addiction                Aging
 Allergic                 Amnesia                  Anachronism
 Ancestral Soil DependenceAncient Animosity        Anosmia
 Artificially Aged        Bad Sight                Bard's Tongue
 Beacon Of The Unholy     Bigot                    Blind
 Blood Hunted             Blunt Fangs              Botched Presentation
 Bound                    Bound To The Council     Can't Cross Running Water
 Catspaw                  Changeling's Eyes        Child
 Clan Enmity              Cold Blooded             Cold Breeze
 Color Blindness          Compulsion               Confused
 Consumption              Contagious               Criminal Record
 Crucial Component        Curiosity                Cursed
 Damned (flaw)            Dark Fate                Dark Secret
 Deaf                     Death's Reflection       Deathsight
 Deep Sleeper             Deformity                Deranged
 Derangement (flaw)       Diabolic Sire            Disconcerting
 Disfigured               Disgrace To The Blood    Distinguishing Characteri
 Domitor Pariah           Double Betrayer          Driving Goal
 Dulled Bite              Echoes                   Eerie Presence
 Enemy                    Enemy Brood              Escaped Target
 Expendable               Failure                  Flashbacks
 Forced Transformation    Former Prince            Geas (flaw)
 Glowing Eyes             Grip Of The Damned       Guilt-wracked
 Hard Of Hearing          Hatred                   Haunted
 Homeless                 Honest To A Fault        Hunted
 Hunted Like A Dog        Illiterate               Impatient
 Improperly Buried        Inbred                   Incoherent
 Incomplete Understanding Inept                    Infamous Autarkis
 Infamous Sire            Infectious               Infertile Vitae
 Insane Ancestor          Insane Sire              Intolerance
 Jackal's Blood           Kinfolk (flaw)           Lame
 Laughingstock            Lazy                     Lifesaver
 Light Sensitive          Loathsome Regnant        Lord Of The Flies
 Low Self-image           Lustful                  Magic Susceptibility
 Mark Of The Predator     Masochist                Masquerade Breaker
 Mistaken Identity        Monstrous                Moon Mad
 Mute                     Narc                     Necrophile
 New Arrival              New Kid                  Nightmares
 No Sense Of Smell        Non-confrontational      Notoriety (flaw)
 Obsession                Obvious Predator         Old Flame
 One Arm                  One Ear                  One Eye
 Open Wound               Overconfident            Overextended
 Pacifist                 Paraplegic               Parasitic Infestation
 Pelagic Compulsion       Permanent Fangs          Permanent Wound
 Phobia (mild)            Phobia (severe)          Poseidon's Call
 Potent Blood             Prey Exclusion           Primal Marks (flaw)
 Probationary Sect Member Putrescent               Recruitment Target
 Red List                 Repelled By Crosses      Repulsed By Garlic
 Revenant Weakness        Rival Sires              Romantic Notions
 Rose-colored MirrorshadesScarface                 Selective Digestion
 Sensation Junkie         Shadow Walker            Short
 Short Fuse               Shy                      Sire's Resentment
 Sleeping With The Enemy  Soft-hearted             Soulless
 Speech Impediment        Sphere Inept             Spiritually Noticeable
 Stench                   Stereotype               Stigmata
 Strict Carnivore         Stubborn                 Surreal Quality
 Sympathizer              Taint Of Corruption      Territorial
 Thaumaturgically Inept   Thin-blooded             Thirst For Innocence
 Throwback (flaw)         Time Cycle               Traitor
 True Reflection          Twisted Upbringing       Twitch
 Umbral Connection (wraithUnbroken                 Uncontrollable
 Uncontrollable Night SighUnconvinced              Uneducated
 Unscented                Unskilled                Uppity
 Vengeance                Vengeful                 Vice (flaw)
 Victim Of The Masquerade Vitae Sink               Ward
 Weak-willed              Wild Talent (flaw)       Winged (flaw)
 Withered Leg             Wyld Mind                Youthful Appearance

Vampire Flaws

  • Anachronism, 2 p- You have been a vampire for some time, an are unable - or unwilling) to keep up with the changing times.
  • Deep Sleeper, 1p - You find it difficult to wake up during the day, and if you do manage you tend to be groggy.
  • Nightmares, 1p - Whenever you close your eyes, you have horrific nightmares, which may affect your ability to rest.
  • Phobia, 2p - You have an overpowering and irrational fear of a thing or even, such as spiders, crowds or heights.
  • Prey Exclusion, 1p - You refuse to feed from a certain class of human, such as police or from a given racial group (cannot be taken by Ventrue).
  • Shy, 1p - You're bashful, and find interacting with people difficult, particularly in crowds.
  • Soft-Hearted, 1p - You hate to see others suffer, either physically or emotionally.
  • Speech Impediment, 1p - You lisp, stammer, or have some other speech impediment that makes communication difficult.
  • Short Fuse, 2p - You tend to fly off the handle and get angry easily (cannot be taken by Brujah).
  • Territorial, 2p - You have claimed a certain area as yours, and do not at all like other Kindred being in it.
  • Vengeful, 2p - Someone has to pay the piper, and you plan to collect. You're obsessed with a real or imagined slight, and returning the favour.
  • Amnesia, 2p - You can't remember before a point in your life, which may include your Embrace. Of course, this doesn't necessarily stop it coming back to haunt you...
  • Lunacy, 2p - The moon is commonly associated with insanity, and it certainly affects your ability to resist the Beast.
  • Weak-Willed, 3p - You have little ability to stand up to people, and are easily forced or intimidated.
  • Conspicuous Consumption, 4p - Vampires subsist on the blood of the living, but you take it a step further and believe you must also eat of their flesh or organs. Needless to say, this is messy, and probably impairs your ability to maintain the Masquerade.
  • Impatient, 1p - Some people are exceptionally patient, and can wait almost indefinitely to achieve their goals. You are not one of these people, and find it very difficult to wait instead of acting now.
  • Unconvinced, 1p - The Masquerade is given a lot of importance in vampire society, a fact you publicly disagree with. Obviously, other vampires do not react well to your view.
  • Stereotype, 2p - Some vampires violate the Masquerade through their appearance or actions, striking fear into humans with their glowing eyes or monstrous appearances. You manage to do it by being ridiculous; wearing a cape, speaking with a cartoon accent, and basically buying into the legends of vampires.
  • Thirst for Innocence, 2p - The Beast in vampires can be aroused when hungry, angry or frightened. However, in you it becomes roused when seeing innocence, and you feel compelled to destroy it.
  • Victim of the Masquerade, 2p - Vampires work hard to convince humans that vampires are myth. Despite the fact that you have been Embraced, you continue to believe this lie, instead believing in some other explanation or desperately denying your new condition.
  • Guilt-Wracked, 4p - Vampires feed off the blood of humans, a fact you have not reconciled yourself with. As a result, you hardly ever feed, and feel crippling guilt when you do. This means you are likely frequently hungry and likely to frenzy.
  • Dark Secret, 1p - You have some deep, dark secret, that if it were to come out would cause significant embarrassment.
  • Infamous Sire, 1p - The opposite of 'Prestigious Sire', your sire was or is disliked or distrusted within the Camarilla. As their childe, you are tarred with the same brush.
  • Mistaken Identity, 1p - You resemble another Kindred, prompting awkward or even dangerous situations if the Kindred you resemble is wanted for some crime.
  • Sire's Resentment, 1p - For some reason, your sire resents you and wishes you harm.
  • Enemy, 1-5p - You have some enemy or enemies that wish you harm.
  • Hunted, 4p - You are being hunted by a particularly persistent witch-hunter. Not only you, but those you associate with may also be in danger.
  • Probationary Sect Member, 4p - You were previously a Setite, Camarilla or Sabbat member, but you turned traitor and joined another sect. While you may eventually earn the goodwill of your new sect, it will take some doing, and until then you are treated badly.
  • Special Responsibility, 1p - Early in your unlife, you volunteered for some responsibility or task, thinking it would gain you approval or status. Only after did you discover that the responsibility brought no respect, only stress and annoyance, but stopping would cause you to lose much respect.
  • Botched Presentation, 1p - When you were first presented to the Prince, you screwed up, and as a result are convinced he hates you (regardless of his actual feelings). Now you find standing before him or his representatives extremely nerve-wracking.
  • Expendable, 1p - Someone higher up wants you gone, and is willing to manipulate situations in which you must be sacrificed "for the greater good".
  • Incomplete Understanding, 1p - You're still a bit fuzzy on how the Camarilla or the Masquerade works, leading to potential mistakes and relevant consequences.
  • New Arrival, 1p - You're new in town, and don't know anyone. As a result, you're frequently targeted for recruitment, scrutinised by all, and are likely to step on sensitive toes.
  • New Kid, 1p - You're the latest Embrace in town, and nobody lets you forget where that puts you: right at the bottom of the social ladder.
  • Recruitment Target, 1p - For some reason, the Sabbat have decided they want you, and just won't take no for an answer.
  • Sympathizer, 1p - You agree with some of the Sabbats stated goals, and have voiced this agreement publicly within the Camarilla.
  • Bound, 2p - You're blood-bound to another Kindred, and as a result are devoted to his goals rather than your own.
  • Catspaw, 2p - At some point in the past, the Sheriff or other senior member tapped you for some dirty work. Rather than granting you favour, this led to you being a liability to your former "employer".
  • Escaped Target, 2p - You had a mortal in your sights for Embrace, but someone else got there first. The knowledge of being thwarted eats at you, and you may frenzy at the sight of your former target.
  • Failure, 2p - You used to hold some position of responsibility in your town, but you flubbed it in a spectacular fashion.
  • Masquerade Breaker, 2p - Soon after your Embrace, you broke the Masquerade, and were seen doing so by another Kindred. Although they prevented any damage, you are now exploited mercilessly by your "saviour".
  • Old Flame, 2p - Someone you used to care for deeply (either before or after your Embrace) now works for an enemy, and they are not above using your prior relationship for their own ends.
  • Rival Sires, 2p - Escaped Target from another perspective: two vampires wanted to Embrace you, and the one that didn't is angry about it.
  • Uppity, 2p - You're proud of your lineage or clan, and aren't afraid to let people know about it. However, this may annoy other vampires at your arrogance.
  • Disgrace to the Blood, 3p - Your sire deeply regrets Embracing you, and speaks openly of this view to others, leading to most vampires viewing your achievements as luck and your failures as to be expected.
  • Hunted Like a Dog, 3p - A group of vampires has decided that you need to be destroyed, and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal.
  • Narc, 3p - You're an informer to the Sheriff, and known for it. Few people will speak to you, and if they do it's likely they'll lie to you. Some may even attempt to cause you harm.
  • Sleeping With the Enemy, 3p - You have a friend, childe, lover or similar working for an enemy of the Camarilla. While you retain a friendly relationship with them, such an intimate connection with the group is unlikely to do you any favours should it be discovered.
  • Clan Emnity, 4p - Somehow you managed to offend an entire clan, and they wish you destroyed. Apart from the social problems, you may suffer attempts on your unlife.
  • Loathsome Regnant, 4p - You're blood-bonded to another Kindred, which is bad enough. However, your regnant treats you terribly, abusing you or publicly humiliating you, or worse using you to commit unspeakable deeds.
  • Overextended, 4p - You have influence in many circles, and while this may be a good thing, people are starting to notice. Kindred, being the jealous kind that they are, wish to trim back your influence, and to prevent you from expanding further.
  • Blood Hunted, 4-6p - You are, for whatever reason, the subject of a blood hunt, and must be eternally careful nobody in your current town discovers this.
  • Laughingstock, 5p - For some reason, the Harpies treat you with scorn or derision, which makes improving your social standing extremely difficult.
  • Red List, 7p - You're on the Red List, or soon will be. If any Camarilla vampires discovers you, your unlife will be immediately in danger.

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