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"Did you hear it? It shows you things... horrible things. The dark inside me... from the other place. I won't go back there. I won't."
Event Horizon

Detective Forster is a two year veteran of the Prospect Police Department working with Dave Jackson in homicide. Neither one of the duo are well regarded in terms of attitude and often skirt the rules, but never quite enough to get in trouble for it. No one can really argue with their effectiveness however.

Forster transferred down here from San Francisco and originally hails from Roseville, just outside Sacramento. One sister, working as a lawyer in Oakland. No known local relatives. The job seems to have been the draw for moving further south.

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Technocracy Forster was part of the technocracy after being recruited from the FBI, years ago and under an entirely different name and identity. The agent he was is MIA, presumed dead. He's taken on numerous guises since that time and there's little chance that anyone would be able to finger him. He sees them as flawed, blinded by their own ambition yet still very dangerous.

Traditions Forster has never been a member of the Traditions, nor would he have any desire to be. He appreciates their fractured nature and lack of effectiveness against the Union's calcification of reality. Any chance he can get to turn the two against one another, he'd take. Who cares what state reality is in when it's destined to be torn down and destroyed?

Nephandi An Outsider, Forster's Patron, The Source has mostly unintelligible desires and aims but infiltration, accumulation of mortal power and recruitment seem to be a large part of the agenda. Forster's not opposed to working with other Nephandi of varying sorts, since often their goals run parallel with his own. That's not to say he's not wary, paranoid and suspicious of them. He'd be foolish not to be.

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RP Hooks
Cop Forster's a detective, should the Law be required.

Crooked Cop Forster is not the nicest of people, although he puts up a fantastic pretense of being so. Criminals and scumbags in need of friends, apply here.

You Look Different Forster is something of a body thief, perhaps you've met him before in one of his other incarnations.

The Source Forster serves a deep umbral entity referred to as The Source, since it's actual name is incomprehensible to human thinking. Cultists or other Nephandi tie ins welcome.

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John Forster

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Name: John Forster

Apparent Age: 25
Type: Mage
Faction: Nephandi
Tradition: Man In Black Barabbi
Essence: Questing
Nature: Monster
Demeanor: Judge

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Played By: Gerard Butler