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Gar was a fairly normal kid in highschool, not the most studious but a well liked guy. He played football and did all the normal guy things. His family lived in a small Louisiana town and his parent meet at the factory they both worked at. His gradmother was known around town ot be a little odd but not in a bad way she passed when Gar was still a boy but her legacy was passed to him. Ever since he was a child he could hear and see ghosts. He learned to hide this from other but and did not make use of it often except when the ghosts demanded to be heard.

After highschool Gar joined the military and ended up serving in Afghanistan, his previous visions were intensified as the violent struggles meant there were frequently angry ghost around. This left a mark on Gar. Soon other types of spirits began to notice him as well. This turned out to be a blessing. During a routine partrol his unit was involved in a firefight and Gar was woulded seriously by some shrapnel. He was close to dying and it was during this moment amid the violence of war and as he neared death, he awakened. He mistakenly assumed the spirits he then saw to be angels that saved him. He finished out his tour but after this change he deccided not to re-enlist and to head home. When he got home he was visited by an old friend of his grandmothers, it turns out she had been a mage and her friend took Gar as a student. Gar's teacher was a Chocktaw shaman of the Dreamspeaker tradition and taught Gar the old ways of magic that he practices. After he learned how to use and control his abilities he decided to fo on a vision quest that lead him to Prospect and where he has decided is his new home.

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Full Name: Garfield Richard Dayton

Sphere : Mage

Tradition : Dreamspeaker

Essence : Primordial

Job : Student/Handy Man

Age : Mid-Twenties

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RP Hooks
Spirits: He is a Dreamspeaker, they are didn't his speciality when it comes to the supernatural. If oyu need to deal with a spirit or are troubled by one he might be able to help.

Student: Is is taking classes currently at UCP, so is around campus and that makes a good place to meet people.

Vet: He spent six years in the army and served in combant. If your character did as well maybe the knew each other from service.

Outdoors: Given his training both mundanly and mysticly he tends to spend a lot of time out doors in the wood at the beach things like that. If oyu do to that might be a way we meet.

Handy Man: To make ends meet he does odd jobs for people. He is good at fixing things and carpentry, need anything like that done?

Medium: He can speak and see ghost with out using his magik. Hey wraiths we can rp.

Spiritually Noticable: Spirits of all kinds notice me as one who deals with spirits and I am as visible in the various spirit worlds as I am in the material one.

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