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There are three things you need to understand about The Baron: He has a sick sense of humor. He has people everywhere. He's fair.

The creature that used to be a man, is in a state of Holy Quasi-Death; Gate dosn't belong to Samedi, technically, in the Voodoo Side of things. He belongs to Kriminel. Baron Kriminel. The Gate (Or Gate) was found by a Guede, a servant of the Three Barons supposedly, and instead of being torn apart or ritually killed or, even brought to punishment -- Kriminel came, tore out his soul, weighed it and...laughed. The Man is Dead, and as a Samedi his sins of vanity, pride, and murder have left him cursed and stained, as a vampire, he is Undead. So it is, that Gate lives not for himself, but for The Dead, in hopes to better understand Death, and himself, bandaged and treated as Dead - save for one very special day of the year, where all The Dead come to Earth.

Gate is emotionally dead, ignorant of sarcasm, and he may seem somewhat distracted. Here, but not...Here. As a Shepherd of the Dead - a Guede and Samedi - Gate oversees a community and his flock are Mexican's. Often appearing only when called for, or when he can smell the just-turned-Rigor-Mortis state of a corpse, to offer burial rites to the Grieving, and Departed. Other times (and this is where many Sects frown at his presence) he becomes a Sword. Adopting Baron Kriminel's method of establishing a balance: Giving justice to The Dead, and becoming their Right Hand of Wrath, often leaving grisly scenes behind him that will only perpetuate violence amongst The Living - so Wraith and Shadow both are appeased.

Gate is to a Praxis little more than a Folklore Figure: Spoken of as The Bandaged Man, in Mexican Community, or sometimes referenced by Nosferatu as 'Bandaid Bob'. Mostly because he dosn't fucking feel anything, or offer any companionship - he's dead inside, too. But those willing to deal with the cold demeanor (and the horrible smell capable of making Redcaps and Mummy vomit) will find Gate all too willing to hear out an offer of service, or barter.

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Ayame - Just another soul, from another culture, lost in the sandstorm of nonsense this city is.

Balance Oh. You vomited. That will teach you, won't it?

Stella The Living cannot understand The Dead, or Undead. She tries to protect things beyond her reach, which is noble, but naive nonetheless.

LittleA Violence begets violence, begets more violence, and eventually -- oh, there you are. We've been waiting for you.

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Achievements Unlocked
  • Mummy! Mommy! Mummy! - Make a Mummy vomit.
  • Yer a Wizard, Harry. - Meet one of the Magi.
  • Soul Shattering - Saw the power of the Dead, and lived (well, sort of).
  • Seal the Deal, Soul Sucker - Made a deal, kept it, reaped the reward.
  • Darth Nihilus - Engage in philosophical conversation that inevitably leads to someone degenerating, or committing suicide.
  • Bang! Bang! - Get shot. (Alot.)
  • Rainbows, Maeghar, Kiasyd, and Broken Dreams - Make a Changeling vomit.
  • Heaven, Hell and Fogport - Visit Limbo. (2/10 - The people were shit, the town was shit, The Conductor had no clue where he was going, and the food was terrible.)

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Name: Haman L. Marsh

Clan: Samedi
Path: Bones
Faction: Independent
Age: Century or so.
Favorite Quote: You have an overexagerrated sense of self-importance. Song of the Century: [1]

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RP Hooks
Necromancy - Necromancy, Necrotheurgy, Necrocosmology, and Necroplasma Facials. You need something with the word 'Necro' in it, and The Bandaged Man can do it. Except Necrophilia because, well, Samedi.

Ever been fucked up so bad you aged ten years? - Thanatosis is like God's way of saying you're a fucked up person who does bad things and you should feel bad. Also, you know, if you're willing to pay for it, you can decide who gets a taste too. Princes, Bishops, Barons, and any other silly title you feel like calling yourself. Gate's Open.

Suicide Isn't A Sin (Death Is Not The End) - The Path of Bones offers much to a Disciple. Not so much to The Living. Those looking to become Wraiths of a certain sort, can cross through Gate and become that very thing - without any violence, too.

The Dark Iron Kingdom - Gate is the way in, or rather A Way In.

The Middle Kingdom, and Yomi - Are you drunk? Get out of here.

Xibalba - You ARE drunk...but who told you?

Fimbulwinter - The Shadow Court, Redcaps, nihilistic changelings. Gate is proof of this abstract concept of The Final Winter: He's dead, but not dead. He can enter and exit The Deadlands. He can even bring up The Dead from 'beneath the waters'...but, do you really wanna try?

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Notable Stats
  • Thanatosis
  • Necromancy
  • Lore Wraith
  • Lore Vampire
  • Open Road Merit
  • Smell of the Grave/Smell of the Baron Flaws

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