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Dr. Gemmer

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

Name: Classified
DOB: Classified
Nationality: Classified
PIN: Classified

Apparent Age: mid-40s
Accent: American
Archetype: Benefactor
Resonance: Static (Focused, Illuminating)

Nik: Dr. Bob Gemmer
Technocracy Status: Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.png (Agent)
Enlightenment: Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.png (Novice)
Genius: Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.png (Superlative)

Convention: Progenitors
Methodology: Pharmacopoeists
Department: Psych Ops
Assignment: Evaluation and Adjustment


To the ignorant Masses, Dr. Bob Gemmer is just one of many psychiatrists and of little note. To the Technocracy, however, he is a very noteworthy Psych Op. His arrival in Prospect could mean many things, but given his specialty is evaluation and adjustments it's likely that he's in town to do some employee psych evals at Control's order.

Though the majority of Psych Ops are from the NWO, Gemmer happens to be a Progenitor. Among the other Pharmacopoeists he's somewhat of a maverick for working with Psych Ops (and even more of a maverick within that department), but every Convention supplies some man-power towards that task, and Gemmer's been doing it for about twenty years. He might be one of Control's golden boys, but that doesn't mean the rest of the Technocratic Union has to like him.

Dotgold1-filled.pngPoet. Status: Adjustments necessary.

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