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IC Rumors from the Outside world
  • Previously home to the Moonhaven Family and their respected winery.
  • Seems that some Irish family and their cousins have taken over the place.
  • Providers of organic produce and heritage meats.
  • Recently brewery vendor trucks have been seen visiting the grounds.

IC rumors amongst the Gaians

  • Nicknamed Gleann Fiann by some given the Fianna ownership and fact it is meant to serve as a homestead for Fianna and their kin in the area.
  • Party like its Silver Tara, Yeah they hold festivals and Fianna celebrations here.
  • While records show it belongs to a kin named Morris Fionn the land itself seems to truly be under the ownership of a lupus born named Chullain
  • Place of Power.. Rumor has it that the place has a certain vibe and feel to it. The spirits and the creatures of the dreaming seeming to be heavy within the area.
  • Party time: The place is rumored to be in service to the totem spirit Bacchus.

IC rumors amongst the Fae

  • Many Kinain and a few kith have taken up residence there.
  • Some of the festivals allow certain Fae..
  • They party.. A lot.. Even for the satyrs

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RP Hooks
  • Fresh Produce and Meats: Gleann Fionn is proud to serve Prospect providing quality organic produce and heritage meats to a few of the cities businesses and to those who wish to purchase goods.
  • Brewery: Rumor has it that recently trucks from brewery vendors have been seen making visits to Gleann Fionn.
  • Moonhaven Past: Some who visit Gleann Fionn might remember its past as the onetime home of the Moonhaven Family's family compound and winery.
  • Node: The grounds of the farm are home to a nature essence node of fertility and renewal.
  • Homestead: The grounds of Gleann Fionn act as a homestead and compound for the GallowGlass Pack who take up residence there.
  • In Bacchus's Name: The pack and the Fiann who owns the farm serve Bacchus, So there is most always something happening.

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PC Residents and Staff

Another big damn Fiann
Gallowglass Pack Leader and Resident Theurge
Sidhe Beauty and Kin
Connor's Mate and Protected Kinfolk
Coggie Fighter
Gallowglass Pack member.
Lucas's mate and Protected Kinfolk

Gnawer Kin
Protected Kinfolk and Resident fixer of things that can't be kicked back into working.
The Fox
Gallowglass Pack member and Resident Fox
Sidhe Beauty and Fianna lass
Protected Kinfolk and Resident keeper of Pups and Hearth

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NPC Residents and Staff
Gleann Fionn/NPC Residents and Staff

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Gleann Fionn
Gleann Fionn/Portrait

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  • Orchards: Fresh Fruit
  • Heritage Meats: Grass fed, free range meat products.
  • Harvest: Fresh organic produce

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