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Glendora Illiani Sparrow, daughter of Marisol and David Sparrow, Grandaughter of Sascha Shorou. Most folks won't know Glendora or, for that matter, her parents and Grandmother. However, if one digs (IE: does a google search on Glendora) they'll find little things.

The most note worthy things are that her grandmother and parents have all passed away. Grandmother due to natural causes (She was very old, thank you, and had lived a full life) and mom and dad through a tragic car accident in Japan. Otherwise, she flies under the radar a lot. She has her own maintenance website: Oddjobs by Glen. She's a handyman that just happens to be a woman. She won't take on big projects, but if you've got something small and it's beyond your own talents, maybe she can handle it.

That tattoo on her hand does stand out, though, doesn't it?

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Werefolks: Makes great scary stories.

Vampires: So long as they don't sparkle, I'm good.

Fae: I love the Grimm tales. They are delightfully.. grim.

Mage: Like David Copperfield or that goth guy?

Demons: I don't talk about religion.

Mortals: Aren't we all?

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August: [1] and (slightly NSFW due to picture in vid) [2]

Yarden: Poor honey. You've got so much on your shoulders.

Faina: How many years in purgatory we gonna get for teasing him like that?

Warrick: Blunt is good.

Leisl: It's okay. You can lean on me.

Eugene: Uhmm.... no, that's okay, I don't need to get laid. But we can talk!

Gar: Friend and that poor guy that I frustrate and confuse. Well, that went south fast. I hope you don't regret knowing me. And really, this is for the best. [3]

Jun: You didn't run, you didn't turn me away. Thank you.

Fabian: Woah! No touchy! Nooooo touchy. No touch. [4] But, seriously, it's been fun so far. Glad you're patient. Curious. Intelligent. Kinda looking forward to seeing what you get me into next.

CJ: I'm sorry I couldn't be what you needed.

Brinne: I like how happy you make her.. I hope you both can forgive me my shortcomings.

Michal: 2 feet of space at all times, Padre. Then again, maybe 3 would be better.[5]

Lazarus and Christina: One found me at a bad time, both saw me at what was almost my worst. Yeah.. _that_ wasn't it. Where have you two gone?

Xavier: Hey, nice place you run. Good food. Great spirits.

Fremont: Thanks for keeping me from face planting and for the sandwich and drink. I owe you.

Bao-zhi: I never thought I'd see you again. Why were you here _now_!? Why did you leave, again? And do I really, really want to know?

Mystery: Fun, curious, kind and you also live up to your name. Thanks for the lillies.

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RP Hooks
Got an odd job too small for a contract with a big company, but too big for you to handle with a hammer and a nail?

She's recently started working as an interpreter over the phone. Perhaps you heard her speaking one of the languages she knows and need some help?

She's going to school to become a nutritionist. Maybe you go to college, too?

She's getting into shape and drying out. Perhaps you see her when she's out struggling to breathe while running. Or walking. Or swimming. Or recovering from one of those.

She's got a tiiiny bit of a wild side. Maybe you hang out at the Not for 99?

Have you been to any AA meetings? She hasn't either. Maybe she should. Hmm...

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Full Name: Glendora Sparrow
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Occupation: Jill of All Trades/Maintenance
Demeanor: Survivor

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Notable Stats
Talking to Chance: "That was either so profound it left me behind, or so confusing that I couldn't follow it."

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