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Information Logs
xxxxxGlitter has been open for several years now but until recently there wasn't a whole lot of promotion for the place. It has recently been taken over by Shandalynn and with the help of her brother, Cig, she's working on broadening the clientèle.

xxxxxThis is a little different from your average strip club in that everything has a Fantasy theme. Fairy tales, myths, and even the occasional classic story come to life on the stages. It's a mid-scale place. It's the type of place frequented by white collar workers.

Story Hooks Employees
xxxxxEvery club needs PC staff! We have PC openings for the following:
  • Bartender(s)
  • Bouncer(s)
  • Server(s)
  • Dancers
  • Clerical Staff

xxxxxIf you're interested, get in touch with Shandalynn or Cig.




Wait and Bar Staff


  • Bouncer - Braids
  • Bouncer - Paul