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Vampire "They call us the Damned. For some of us, undeath is a blessing."
Camarilla "A social order, designed by the elite, run by the elite, for the elite."
Sabbat "Your anger is justified. If you wish to make a point, make it. To be a monster for the sake of being a monster, why?"
Anarch "A bold experiment in rebellion, but where's your focus?"
Nosferatu "We share the same pain, the same nightmare. This bond is far stronger than any Sect."
The Others
Kine "You didn't want me when I was alive. Now you'll never get rid of me."
Kine "Be careful around these wizards, lest they curse you and make you go blind."
Werewolf "I am fond of animals, but even I say avoid these at all costs."
Changeling "The wee folk. Yes, yes, I remember stories about them from when I was young."
Demon "So Hell does exist."