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"Imagination rules the world."
-Napoléon Bonaparte"

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Camarilla "Masters of the Universe. Or so we like to pretend. As long as things are right in our world, we are content."
Sabbat "The black hats. Evil must be written into every story. Too bad you live up to it so well."
Anarchs "Feed and sleep and feed and sleep. An endless cycle with nothing to break up the monotony. What a boring unlife."
Independent "Sometimes I think you are idealists. Careful though, that way almost always inevitably leads to disappointment."
Mortals "Ah to be mortal again. To be ignorant of the darker side. I envy you. I adore you."
Mages "A powerful, powerful, dangerous group. Oh what I would not give to have the power you wield so easily, so carelessly. "
Wolves "Growly, frightening rage machines."
Floaties "You hang on to the world with your unfinished business. Just go into the light, see what your next adventure is."

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Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you and misses you. Because one day you might wake up and realize you lost the moon while counting the stars.


Dov - My ghoul. My retainer. My protector. My friend. A chance meeting, a long look across a crowded room, a demand to know more. It all led to where we are now and I wouldn't change it for anything.


Sebastian - Amusing, very fun to hang around with but he seems to like to break the rules. Still, he likes to play around and be as wacky and weird as I sometimes am. I enjoy your brand of trouble.

Leon - He's a great dancer, just keep us both away from Bluegrass!


Shiori - Our Primogen. Such a beautiful person, inside and out.

Jolene - Madeline's ghoul, she seems incredibly sweet. I like her!

Madeline - Lovely, beautiful, graceful, warm. She is the epitome of Toreador. What's not to adore?

Azrael B. - Shiori's! He has all of the charm of a Toreador and all of the beauty. An interesting fellow.


Detroit - Hey you! You're cool, I think we could have fun hanging out. Wanna?

Brice - He is right, I'm certainly not ready for that sort of commitment. I much prefer my carefree life. I think I was only trying to save him when all along he had the power to save himself. He'll always be special to me and always be in my heart and I wish him every h happiness. [1]

Silvana - Quiet and keeps mostly to herself. Finally, she loosened up at the amusement park. I had a lot of fun. Glad to call her friend.

Arthur - A would-be childe, but he opted for another. I'm glad he's found his clan. I wonder what happened to him?

JD - So glad he took Arthur in. He's going to help him more than I ever could.

Jax - Trustworthy, capable and determined. I like the combination.

Adele - Troubled but so kind, so generous, at times moody, but she has been through a lot.

Vivianne - A tentative friendship that we're exploring some. We'll see how it goes!

Syn - Quite an adept dancer whether he admits it or not!

Sentinel - A position and a name. I like you, you're fun to talk to.

Vegard - Helpful and informative, loves music, the heavy metal kind I think. I will take his advice to heart and do what I can to learn.

Arya - Vegard's wife, she's beautiful and wears the nicest dresses.


Slayton - He seems to want what all of us want. The best for our people. He's smart, I kind of like him even with his brusque mannerisms. Course, I don't know him so well yet. We'll see!


Prince SeneShane - Seems like a good guy, he was warm and welcoming my first night in the city. He's quite a competent leader, I trust him. He's impressed me. And now he's the Prince! So happy it's him.

Stefhan - Ventrue, he's smart, a business owner, charming. I consider him a friend and family.

Valus - My friend, my world. He knew me before everything. I miss him and I hope he is happy where he is.

Kait - Has a disrespectful mouth on her. Can't say I appreciate that much.

Silvester - How very clever you think you are. Good riddance.

LittleA - I really like her, she's really smart. Really smart.

Desmond - Cat in the hat. Or wait, Cat hat. Thanks for the fun, it was great.

Clown - “Let’s put a smile on that face!”

Mathias - He's pretty old I think. Polite and brief.

Nicolas - No one has the right to look that good. Still, you belong to another. There are boundaries I won't cross.

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Haileepokemon1.jpg Haileeeminecraftskin.jpg Haileee.jpg File:Haileediablo.jpgx200px

Hailee's Pokemon Go, Minecraft Skin, Avatar, Diablo III

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Books and Things
Some of Hailee's favorites:

Haileebook5.jpg Haileebook1.jpg Haileebook3.jpg Haileebook8.jpeg

Haileebook6.jpg Haileebook7.jpg Dusk You'll Be Fine.PNG Haileebook4.jpeg

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Hailee Brooks

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Race: Vampire
Full Name: Hailee Inara Brooks
Date of Birth: August 05
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Clan: Toreador
Demeanor: Caregiver
Nature: Confidant
Faction: Camarilla
Apparent Age: Late teens
Real Age 23
Height: 5'2"

Cam3red.png Tor1onyx.png

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.” -David Carradine

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RP Hooks
* A fairly new vampire, not much older than her apparent age.

* Detroit, MI is her hometown.

* Loves to dance

* Toreador, she appreciates beauty and that includes art and Appearance 5.

* Loves to read and to play online games.

* Former model, she made a name for herself then bowed out after her embrace. She's been laying low since.

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Notable Stats


Youthful Appearance


Blush of Health
Eat Food
Way With Words







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Haileeefrombrice.jpg Haileeefrommadeline.jpg Haileeanklet.jpg Haileeebear.jpg Haileepainting.png

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Hailee5.jpg Hailee2.jpg Hailee3.jpg Hailee8.jpg

Hailee6.jpg Hailee7.jpg Hailee1.jpg Hailee4.jpg


Hailee's Costume

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