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Hannah Pavlova

Age: 19

Linguistics Student

Demeanor: Perfectionist
Type: Mage
Tradition: Order of Hermes
House: House Bonisagus





xxxxxHannah's a petite young woman with cascading chocolate-brown hair, piercing hazel eyes and the flawless ivory skin that seems all to common amoung Eastern-Slavic women. Her full lips are often hidden behind a hand or a shy smile, unless of course she ends up face planted on the ground due to a shy social awkwardness combined with being a complete graceless klutz. More often than not a good first impression turns sour when something is spilled, dropped or Hannah ends up on her face in the middle of a crowded room.
xxxxxHer clumsiness leads to some awkward situations, and makes it hard for her peers to take her seriously. Despite this shortcoming she is rarely seen without a smile.
xxxxxHannah tends to dress professionally. Blouses, sweaters and coats, often trying to look as nice as possible while minimizing how much of her body she shows. Even during the summer she is more likely to be caught in a turtleneck than a camisole.

Roleplay Hooks

Clumsy - Hannah is extremely clumsy, and this often leads to very interesting first meetings. Perhaps she stumbles into you (literally) somewhere?

Apprentice Magi - Hannah is studying under the apprenticeship of the Order of Hermes, attempting to learn as much as she can.

Librarian - Hannah works part time as a librarian for the Prospect Library.

Post Graduate Studies - Hannah is studying theoretical language as part of her post graduate work.


Name - to be determined.


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