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Demon "You know what your Sin is, Mal?." "Aw, Hell, I'm a fan of all Seven. Right now? I'm going to have to go with Wrath." - Serenity Demon

Catherine Parker, having been born to Liam Parker and Elyssa Bubblemeyer, was an autistic savant. Her father's legal firm paved the way for receiving the best tutoring and counseling available for their little genius. Catherine had taken an keen interest into sculpting and metalworking, and was doing quite nicely. Then, the nightmares came at age 12, whispering about being eaten by things unknown, unseen. Catherine was put into psychiatric care for over a year, in which the licensed behavioral therapist got to know her intimately...

It wasn't long before Catherine was able to add more talents to her growing pool of brilliance, the autism starting to wear away as her social skills improved. Graduating highscool at 16, she dropped any interest in pursuing a college degree, losing herself in the wondrous world of gaming and cosplay as the gaming personality The Silicate Spider. The State of California saw her as an invalid anyways, and so she used her Financial skills to make a very lucrative lifestyle for herself. The moment she turned 18, she filed the paperwork to legally change her name to Harikumo Hakumei, and never looked back.

It was after her 19th birthday when she had gotten into the car wreck that had put her into a coma. The days turned to weeks, weeks to months....2 years later, when her parents had given up hope, did she finally wake up. What woke up, though, wasn't their broken little girl anymore...

Now, Tomoseibetsu is living as the revived Harikumo Hakumei, having to lie to parents and distantly known friends alike. All the while, having the memories that whisper horrible realizations about what lies Beyond, of hunger and darker urges. Now, she is thrust upon the modern world and all who live in it.

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Mortal So many lost, impressionable souls. Show them a good time, that life is worth enjoying. And then maybe, just maybe, they'll share something of themselves with you...
Changeling You bring that storybook flare to my story as a Protagonist. Not always welcome, though.
Demon Family always comes first.
Mage I have seen some crazy shit from these Godlings, but they always manage not to kill themselves off.
Werewolf Haven't met any of these that I'm aware of.
Wraith The Cemetery is full of action, and I don't take kindly to my friends being tossed around.
Vampire From what I've seen, and spoken with, I should be afraid. But alas, I crave the attentions that a few lavish upon me...

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  • Dusk: If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it. He's mine, bitches! Step off!
  • Amethyst: Girlfriend, I don't know what you did to my eyes, but now I'm seeing things in between the cracks of Reality that I shouldn't. Hope it was worth it.

Gone but not forgotten:

  • Wyck: So many Doors you shared when no one else was looking, the possibilities as endless as the night sky. Your loss was felt deeply when you left, and the memories started to pour forth of a Time before this lifetime began. Hopefully, we'll meet again, since darker truths have moved in and the Hero I once was has lived long enough to become the Villain. Maybe you'll remind me of who I once was. Maybe you won't.
  • Dantes: Look at you, sharp suit and a rigid schedule. It only took a little folding of paper and a little time before I began to experience your life and all the pitfalls that came along with maintaining a crumbling world. How do you do it?
  • Caerus: An educated man, shy and yet, so full of creativity and poetic words. You hold such secrets, and darkness within yourself. And yet, every time I see your smile, every time we speak, I feel as if the world is a brighter, more wondrous place.
  • Adrian: Formerly the centerpiece in my menagerie, you've managed to provoke the other glass animals to shove you off violently and break into pieces on the floor. I'd pick you up, and put you back together, but you've done irreparable damage to the ones you love. Goodbye, Adrian.
  • Lillie: You tried to run away from the Family that tore you down, and lost yourself along the way. I am always here for you.
  • Esme: You are such a free spirit. So full of life and passion, you always show me a good time. My sister, my lover, my friend...I didn't expect you to fall in love with me, though. I hope I don't break your heart...
  • Alsatia: Reaching for your degree in Music, you dare to put yourself in the face of your social anxieties, and I admire that. I also savor our delicious times together, where I get to see you come undone...
  • Muir: You're an interesting fellow, full of stories of history and plunder. My question to you is this: Why is the rum gone?

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RP Hooks
Crafts - As a way to cope with the circumstances that landed her in the mental institution as a child, Harikumo buried herself in various mediums of crafting, both artistic and functional. While she can handle any number of mediums, her favorite will always be metallurgy and blacksmithing.

Automotive - You like cars? I like cars! Harikumo likes tinkering on all kinds of automotive wonders, to see how they tick, to make them run smarter, better, faster, stronger...

Computers/Technology - Harikumo is always inspired by the wave of the future, providing new tech and toys for her to play with.

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Occupation: Gamer Personality

Demeanor: Bon Vivant

House: Malefactor

Faction: Faustian

Celestial Name: Tomoseibetsu

Purpose: Artificer of Alloys


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Notable Stats
Attribute: Intelligence

Abilities: Crafts, Technology, Science, Finances, Computers

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The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far Kid

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Disturbed - The Light

Muse - Madness

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Apocalyptic Form
Apocalyptic Form: Mummu (Forge)

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