Harrison Mason

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Harrison Mason

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RP Hooks
  • Kinfolk Harrison is Child of Gaia Kin, and he's spent most of his life in the know.
  • Humanity He has come a long way from his previous life, but he is now a VERY good man, and strives to help others. Sometimes he is too 'good' for most Garou to deal with. However, he is willing to take incredible hurt (Both physical, social or mental) to support the Garou who are decent to him. Just look at the twenty+ years in prison...
  • Prison Harrison doesn't talk about it, but he has done a -lot- of time in prison.
  • Widower He was the mate to a Child of Gaia Ahroun by the name of Abigail "Cries-Blood" Mason, and the father of the Child of Gaia Galliard, Sarah "Blood-From-A-Stone". Both died about a decade ago.
  • Aid He doesn't have much to his name, but he puts time and energy into helping abused people, ex-addicts, ex-cons looking to honestly turn their lives around, and similar.
  • Religion Harrison is a Catholic, but is a super left-leaning Christian. He doesn't discuss his faith with most, unless they ask or it comes up. Still, it bolsters him and pushes him to help others, accept people, and generally try to leave the world a better place. Yes, he also believes in Gaia. He reconciles them together as part of the same story.
  • Alone He has pretty much been alone since his family passed, though he was in prison until about two years ago.
  • Carpenter/Repairs Harrison is fantastic with his hands. He is a skilled carpenter and repairman. He can do house repairs, build a deck, or furniture or whatever. He makes a meager living this way.
  • Thaumaturge He doesn't try to bring too much attention to this, but he is an Enchanter and Oneiromancer, and is quite educated, and always seeking more academic and occult lore.
  • Working Out The man isn't a Spring chicken anymore, and he works hard to stay in the shape he is in. He can be found running the beach, or jogging or swimming in the woods, surfing, doing chin-ups in the park...whatever. Easy way to bump into him.
  • Tattoos Add full sleeves of ink, and 'LIVE WELL' across his fingers, and a rose on the side of his neck and more to his Played By.



  • None yet.
Full Name: Harrison Mason
Played By: Daniel Craig (Plus tattoos)
Appears As: Harrison
Date of Birth: October 19th, 1967
Apparent Age: Mid to late 40's
Occupation: Carpenter
Template: Kinfolk

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