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Totally unaware of her blood, Haylee was raised in a split household. She had no understanding of her need for the sea, raised deep in the Louisiana bayou. It wasn't until she got to college, which she insisted would be in a seaside town that she finally understood what that craving for the water meant.

Meeting Kithain and other Kinain in Prospect, she became aware that she's a Selkie kinain. She learned why the water, the SEA was so important to her. She learned about her people and why she was such a klutz. Coming into her own, Haylee is going to school, learning about herself and making friends. Haylee found her 'skin' with the help of a friend and moved from kinain to kithain. Learning about being a real selkie isn't the easiest thing in the world, but she's determined to know who she is and do it the best that she can.

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Haylee is the caretaker of the Mirrored Court in the County of the Reflective Dawn. She is a commoner, but commoner holdings in the area are not unheard of. Caerwyn works with her to ensure the Hold's security and she is often there, either in the sea or on the coast nearby, the location perfect for a sea creature such as a Selkie. There is rumored to be a Path to the Dreaming near or in her technology shop on the Beach, but unless she gives you permission to use it, knowing where it is won't be easy.

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Full Name: Haylee Marie Matson

Date of Birth: 1996


Kith: Selkie

Apparent Age: Late Teens

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 105 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Amber (Changeling Eyes)

Occupation: Student Athlete

Played By: Françoise Boufhal

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