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The path of the diabolist is to harness the powers of the lower planes and use them to his own ends. It is a thin veneer between this and infernalism. The Diabolist is not a slave, but a Dark God reclaiming his own soul's power. This is my path.

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Traditions: Thats cute. You formed a club based on lies. The collective power of belief is amusing is it not?

Nephandi: You have traded your birthright for slavery. Foolish pawns of the dark.

Orphans: Other than me? Who cares?

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Titania I can almost taste her innocence but it is a sham.

Kira A talented stripper who makes one believe for that moment. Like all things good, a lie.

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RP Hooks
Dark themes: sex, violence, murder, corporate espionage, witchcraft.

Pale Aura: Often mistaken for a vampire by those with auspex, Hector does nothing to dispel this illusion when it suits his purposes.

Production: Are you an actress, musician, model, etc? Hector might have work for you.

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Jackyl Entertainment
Owner and CEO of Jackyl Entertainment Industries. Holdings in New York, LA, and Japan. Jackyl Entertainment is a movie and television production company. A diverse portfolio of investments keeps the cash rolling. Movie Theatres, night clubs, concerts, concessions; all contribute toward the great bloated beast that is Jackyl Entertainment!


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Hector De La Cruz

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Concept: CEO

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Tradition: Orphan

Essence: Primordial

Avatar: Lamashtu


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