Helping Lives Bloom First Annual Gala

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Centerpiece benefit2.jpg
Helping Lives Bloom First Annual Gala
Details Entertainment
September 21st, 2017

At the California Belle Riverboat

Tickets are $65 per person

Tickets will go on sale 2 weeks before the event.

Companies get special packages.

We are highlighting the colors of orange and gray to show awareness in support for Leukemia and Brain Cancer.

Please @mail Mitzi de Rosales or Denise Godin for more information or to contribute your talent, art item, or sponsorship.

You can also @mail Dr. Chandler de Bello for more information.

We look forward to your support.

Live Music:

"The Condolences" - with lead singer Oren

Fan Dance with Miyo and Mitzi

Acrobatic Dance with Jin

Fire Dance with Gwydion

Musical Performance (guitar, keyboard or dance) with Mikael

Special Feather Dance with Mitzi

Auction Family Testimonials
Auction Items:


[Bids started at $20]

Book :"You'll be Fine" autographed and authored by Dusk

5 Books in a set, autographed, with pictures and foot notes, authored by Brandon
Author has agreed to match the funds raised to purchase the book, and the winner will receive time with the author for a special note

5 Japanese Art Pieces donated by Toshi from Asian Pacific Community Center

4 Pieces of Jewelry created by Denise Jewelrybracelets.jpg GypsyNecklace.jpg Gyspyarmband.jpg Mensjewelry.jpg

LeyLine Zodiac 5 High End Cell Phone, and 1 year of free service from Ezra

2 Art pieces by Thana

1 Art piece by Adele Sweetheart WithGod.jpg

A Private meal cooked by Wilder Creations

4 Private Cooking Lessons with Wilder

2 specially made clothing items of leather by Brohain

1 Metal Bowl Firepit with Sun Design donated from Robert Sunhome firepit.jpg

1 Metal Square Firepit with Dragon Design donated from Paul_Barakat Dragon firepit.jpg

1 All Expenses Paid - 2 Night Stay at The Oasis Casino with $200 in FREE Chips donated from The Oasis Casino 1 Framed 24" x 24" Picture from Silvana PaintingDonation.jpg

1 Heart Shaped clock created by Erin HeartClock.jpg

Handmade Pattern Welded Steel Axe from the Black Stag Forge, created by Quinn QuinnWeapon5.jpg

(Stunning Walnut wood Handle Handle Length = 21.00 Inches, Blade Length = 7” Inches Blade width = 6” Inches. The blade is Made By 1095/15N20 ALLOY STEELS (176 true Layers) Silver Stag etched into the blade.)

Anglo-Saxon style Broken-back Seax from the Black Stag Forge, created by Quinn QuinnWeapon7.jpg

(Hand forged from 1080+, the handle is made from oak with antler guard and pommel- the spacer is brass, copper, and steel. -12" blade -5" A Silver Stag etched into the blade.)

Sword Cane from The Black Stag Forge, from the Black Stag Forge created by Quinn QuinnWeapon8.jpg

(1060 Folded Carbon Steel Blade(13 folds, 8192 layers) Blade Length: 23” Handle Length : 6” Ebony Wood Scabbard and Handle. handcrafted brass fittings, friction lock. Blade: Fully Sharpened (Sharp) This walking cane offers exquisite details of a truly handmade sword cane. A Silver Stag etched into the blade.)

The Rodrigo Family

Arlo and Vinita Rodrigo immigrated from Cuba to the United States with the six-month-old daughter Novia to chase their American Dream for their family. Arlo worked full time in construction while studying for his master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture. Vinita was working at a high school as a Spanish teacher. When Novia was just two years old, she was diagnosed with childhood non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was not expected to survive beyond a year.

Novia is now sixteen years old, and a senior at Tampa Preparatory School in Florida. She has her sights set on studying international politics and law at an ivy league college. You’ll be able to meet the Rodrigo family and hear their story at the Helping Lives Bloom annual gala event.

The Kiong Family

Kiong Li is from the Jiangxi province of the People’s Republic of China. He came to the United States to finish his PhD in Physics, and now works as professor at MIT and does theoretical research in particle physics and quantum mechanics. For the past ten years, Li has moved back and forth between his home in China to be with his family, and his home in the US to work.

Three years ago, his then 12-year-old son Kun was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Li moved his wife Jun and his son out to the US in search of the best medical help he could find. The family worked with Dr. McMillan and Dr. de Bello at the University of New Mexico’s Children’s Hospital on an aggressive treatment plan involving chemo therapy and multiple surgeries. Kun is now in remission, and is expected to live a full, long and healthy life. Meet the Kiong family, and talk to them about their struggles and triumphs over the last few years.

Thank You Donors/Sponsors
Thank You to Prospect Memorial Hospital for allowing the Helping Lives Bloom Committee put together this Gala to help out the families of the Pediatric Cancer Patients it serves.

Special Thank You to everyone who has donated their goods, talents, and time to make this event a success!

The Helping Lives Bloom Committee

Chandler, Mitzi, Denise

Total Monetary Donations: $198,250

Monetary Donors:

Cromwell Actuarial Consultation

Bethany King

Sunflower Charity Group

Cahan Entertainment

Anonymous Donor

Silvana Vega with The Oasis Casino

Madeline Blanchard

Mr. & Mrs. Vegard and Arya Torvik

Brandon Jenkins

Atlas Industries

Erin Smith-Topper

Office of Larry Dwyer


Meal Catered by Smoke and Barley

Hors d'oeuvres and Desserts by Wilder

Security and Electronics by The Oasis Casino and Vex Security