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Current Name: Holden Valentine
Date of Birth: December 28th
Apparent Age: Early Twenties?
Demeanor: Caregiver
Last Place of Residence: Rhode Island
Played By: Chris Millington

Sect: Anarch Movement
Clan: Caitiff
Gang: None
Childer/Ghoul: None
Risk: Fdot.pngFdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.png


  • Secrets: Out of Character, secrets can be fun. Some or all of the information on this page may or may not be true. Provided here is stuff that could likely be discovered with a bit of digging, or is easy to know. It is for finding rp hooks, making connections, and getting an idea of the surface of the character.

  • Vampire: Holden is a Lick. He was apparently embraced in Newport, Rhode Island, in the 90's. He has much more recent tattoos, however, though he is happy to admit they are provided by a Tzimisce 'buddy' of his. While he is a Leech, he comes off as quite human, and adores human vices and enjoyments as best he can.

  • Caitiff: He states that he is Caitiff, and he seems to be quite proud of it. Considering his Sect, however, that isn't very surprising.

  • Anarch: Holden is a proud member of the Movement. He joined back in the 1990's, and he is very happy to be in the Anarch Free State...even if it isn't as Free as it was once reported to be. He isn't likely to firebomb a Primogen's home, but he is a staunch believer in the Perfectus and how it stretches to all Kindred. He has no qualms starting an argument or raising his voice. He isn't too quick to swing his fist, though. Not yet, anyways.

  • Friendly: The man comes off, in all regards, as a pretty friendly guy. He seems happy to help others out, as Solidarity is his favorite word. 'We're all in this together, even if the other Sects don't see it.' This does not make him an easy puppet, though. Just a 'decent' guy.

  • Childer/Ghoul: He absolutely had Childer. If you are at all interested in taking up the mantle of a childer, let me know. We would have some stuff to discuss. Also, he is absolutely on the lookout for a Ghoul!

  • Tattoos: Holden has a lot of them! Lots of swallows, and feathers and sea imagery. Even a noose down the back of one arm. He has pretty, squiggly designs on his fingers. If you have Pictish as a language, you'd recognize it as stylized letters, read 'DEEP DOWN'.

  • Sight/Lores: He was Embraced due to his unique (Well, outside of a bizarre city like Prospect) ability to see through all of the shrouds. He sees the dead, the chimerical and the spiritual. He has also studied a bit on all of the various things. He likely has at least a little Lore on most, if not all, of the races. (His Banality is also insanely low). You figure such things would drive a person mad!

  • Darkness: While I am keeping some secrets for fun's sake, I want to make something clear : While Holden is capable of some very, very horrible things, and is built around a very dark concept and such, that does not mean I refuse to play with 'White Hats'. In fact, Holden is all about blending in. I want to roleplay with -everyone-. Most of his wickedness takes place in private or entirely off-screen. So, if you ARE interested in such, let me know. HOWEVER, please do not avoid me just because Holden is a bad dude behind the scenes. We're all here to have fun together. I don't plan on kicking over any PC sandboxes. This isn't 90's WoD massmurder MU*ing. :)


This man stands a tightly built 5'8". While he is not the most physically imposing, he is handsome in his own way. Fair, smooth skin with dark hair and a well-groomed beard, he stands out a bit. His eyes are a deep, brilliant blue. His hair tends to be short on the sides and long on top, and when it is not left to hang it is combed back with a bit of lift. His beard is carefully tended, and while some find his look 'hipster', it tends to work for him. He has wide shoulders and a firm, athletic form, but he is certainly not bulky. The man tends towards a light cologne that smells a bit of sandalwood and other slight, incensey odors instead of standard ones. He has a lot of tattoos. A lot.

The word HANDS are written across the back of both hands, and AMATEUR is on one wrist. A swallow is at the crux of his thumb and forefinger. He has various birds, feathers and sailing imagery on his arms and such. He has odd, squiggly symbols on his fingers, which spell 'DEEP DOWN' in Pictish, a very dead language. He likely googled the alphabet. To most it just looks like decorative scrawl.

He tends towards jeans, boots or Converse, and various shirts for bands a decade or two out of dead. Jean vests covered in patches of rebellious phrases or imagery or similar leather jackets, are common. The denim is more common, though.


Allies In The Struggle

Other Licks


Notable Statistics

  • Appearance: (Fdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.png)
  • Presence: Fdot.pngFdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.png
  • Resources: (Fdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.png) - Far from wealthy, though he lives on a pretty cool ship.
  • Blush of Health: (Fdot.pngFdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.png) - He comes off as very human.
  • Spirit Sight: (Fdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngEdot.png) - He sees you.
  • Lores: - He has a lot of them.


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