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House Rules - Changeling

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun."

-Katharine Hepburn



See Banality


The Satyr birthright +1 Stamina applies to both fae mien and mortal seeming.

Damage, soaking

Because Changeling does not have a revised edition, staff has made a house ruling for soaking chimerical and normal damage. This puts Fae at parity with other races.

Normal Soaking: Changelings can soak Bashing and Lethal damage. They can not soak Aggravated damage.

Chimerical Soaking: Changelings can soak Bashing and Lethal chimerical damage. They can not soak Aggravated chimerical damage.


Staff has implemented a new background for Changelings called: Dross. This background is a measure of a PC's chimerical wealth. This stat will be equivalent to the same level of: Resources, but for buying minor chimerical goods. A player can spend xp to buy Dross as per +rules XP Cost.

This Dross can be destroyed to release its Glamour, provided that the Glamour is immediately used in a cantrip (CtD 216). Up to 1 point of Glamour per dot per month can be released this way.

Mages can use Dross as Tass with a heavy dynamic / anti-restrictive resonance.

This does not cover chimerical weapons, armor, or items with magic effects:

  • You can use the Chimera background instead (CtD 146, 288)
  • You can create them, or have another PC do (+rules chimerical items, +rules magical items)

Holdings / Trod

Holdings background:

  • Holdings corresponds to a freehold, either on or off grid.
  • Holdings may be bought in chargen or with XP.
  • Holdings includes one link from normalspace to the Dreaming (equivalent to Trod 2), regardless of level.
  • A freehold within a PC-run territory require approval from its PC leaders, per 'news changeling counties'.
  • Increasing Holdings is time-limited, representing the need to infuse the balefire with Glamour (CtD page 44).
  • Increasing Holdings above 3 is at staff discretion.
Holdings Minimum time
0 to 1 None
1 to 2 1 month
2 to 3 3 months
3 to 4 6 months (if approved by staff)
4 to 5 8 months (if approved by staff)

Trod background:

  • A trod within a PC-run territory requires approval from its PC leaders.
  • Increasing Trod is not time-limited.
  • Increasing Trod above 3 to reach the Far Dreaming or Deep Dreaming is at staff discretion.

See Also: Title


We do not use the rules from Changeling: the Enchanted.

  • Subrace:Kinain has the effects of the Kinain merit (see below) in addition to their arts and realms. This includes the equivalent of An-da-shealladh (fae sight) and Parted Mists.
  • Subrace:Kinain may take Honored Birthright as a 5-point merit.

Characters that wish to be kinain in addition to something else must take this merit:

Kinain (4 pt. Merit)

Although your character is not a changeling, they've got their heritage running through their veins - literally. This merit allows the character to walk in the Dreaming as if they were Fae themselves. While doing so exposes the character to chimerical attack, it also opens them to a new and wondrous world. Their Banality is also quite low (typically two to five) and their presence is often welcome in the courts of the Fae. Naturally, this sort of gift carries an obligation to play Faerie politics. Nevertheless, it can be a wondrous game. This merit also allows the character immunity to the effects of the mists. (pg. 296 MtA Revised)

  • Note: This merit has been altered some so as to ensure game balance.
  • PCs with this merit may buy arts/realms, in which case they start with Glamour based on their age (4 for Wilder, 3 for Grump). This must fit within the limits from '+rules multiclass'.

The Mists

There seems to be some misunderstanding of who/what is exactly immune to various forms of supernatural innate powers. The following is a list of what's what for the races that have such:

The Mists - The Mists separate the Fae from the mundane, clouding the minds of mortals so that they do not remember the encounters with things faerie. A side effect of Banality, the Mists exemplify the force of human rationality. Most mortals (and unenchanted supernatural beings) do not remember their encounters with the Fae accurately. The Mists are likely to erase much of these memories or at least relegate them to a dream-like quality. The amount of Banality an individual possesses determines exactly what she remembers. (CtD page 208)

  • PCs are not 'most people', they're about 0.01% of the population.
  • PCs affected by the Mists may believe that something supernatural happened, even though they're fuzzy on the details. PCs with lower Banality and/or knowledge of other supernatural things are less likely to be skeptical.
  • PCs may ignore the 'Duration of Coma' column of the chart.

The following are immune to the Mists:

  • All Changelings (Obviously)
  • All Kinain
  • Those with the merit: Spirit Sight

See Also: Banality


Title background:

  • Title may be a fief (on-grid or off-grid) or landless.
  • PCs may buy Title in chargen or with XP.
  • A fief within a PC-run territory requires approval from its PC leaders, similar to 'news changeling counties'.
  • Increasing Title is time-limited, representing service (on- and off-camera) over time.
  • Increasing Title to 4 is subject to '+policy PC leadership' and limited to 2 PCs per territory.
  • Title 5 is reserved for NPCs.
Title Minimum time
0 to 1 None
1 to 2 1 month
2 to 3 3 months
3 to 4 6 months (if approved by staff)
4 to 5 NPC only

See Also: Holdings