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House Rules

"Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written with his own blood."

-Friedrich Nietzsche



  • All ghouls must have Domitor set on their sheet. This may be set to "NPC".
  • It is recommended (but not required) that Ghoul PCs have an off-stage, statless NPC domitor.
  • Discipline level is limited by Domitor (Background) regardless of PC or NPC domitor (WW2021/71).
    • Domitor (Background):0-3: Each discipline is limited to 1 dot
    • Domitor (Background):4: Each discipline is limited to 2 dots
    • Domitor (Background):5: Each discipline is limited to 3 dots
    • Domitor (Background) can be purchased like any other background.
    • Unlike canon, Domitor (Background) is not tied to the domitor's Generation. This is so that ghouls with either a PC or NPC domitor are on equal footing.


  • Disciplines are retained when a Ghoul is embraced.
    • However, if the Ghoul has dots in a restricted discipline and Clan changes, those dots must be moved into a Common or clan-appropriate Proprietary or Restricted discipline.
      • e.g. Bob is a Ghoul of Clan:Samedi with Thanatosis:2. Through a cruel twist of fate he's embraced Clan:Toreador. Bob must remove his Thanatosis:2 and take a discipline like Celerity:2 or Obfuscate:2
      • If Bob were embraced into Clan:Followers of Set, he would be able to take Serpentis:2

Ghoul (verb)

  • For regular Mortals (ie, not Mortal+), getting ghouled IC is free.
  • Other splats must purchase the Ghoul 5-point merit.
    • Ghouls via merit have effective 3 in each virtue for purposes of things like frenzy checks.
  • The following are capable of being ghouled:
    • Race:Mortal
    • Race:Mortal+/Sorcerer-Psychic (Post-chargen only)
    • Race:Mortal+/Possessed (Type:Fomor, Type:Kami)
      • Post-chargen and PC-Domitor only for Type:Kami, and even then only for Kami with human or animal host bodies (you can't ghoul plants). Ghouling a Kami will permanently put the Domitor at risk 3 towards everyone with Faction:Gaian that finds out about the transgression. An IC post will be made by staff to Gaian BBoards to represent the spirits TELLING all locals of Faction:Gaian what happened and who did it. You have been warned.)
      • Fomor Ghouls are nearly unaffected by the Blood Bond unless they have high Autonomy, and they tend to frenzy a lot. Powerful, but unstable.
    • Race:Mortal+/Kinain
    • Race:Mortal+/Kinfolk

See Also: Cgen, Buying Disciplines, XP Costs


  • All ghouls must have Clan set on their sheet.
  • Upon becoming a ghoul (Cgen or IC), the Ghoul gets Potence:1, and 1 dot of an in-clan discipline. If Potence IS an in-clan discipline, and the ghoul has at least 4 points in the Domitor background, they can put both dots into Potence if they so desire.
  • Ghouls may not have Thaumaturgy.
  • Ghouls may have the Potent Blood flaw (gain 2 blood by drinking 1 of theirs), but it cuts both ways (must feed them 2 blood for them to gain 1).