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House Rules

"Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them."

-E. W. Howe



  • Argos
    • Mostly restricted to the Underworld.
    • Argos 1 (Enshroud): Embodied wraiths can use it on themselves, but not on others.
    • Argos 2 (Phantom Wings): May be an exception.
  • Outrage
    • Outrage 4 (Death's Touch): Interpret 'heat and extent of the fire' based on WtO page 234 (Sources of Injury -> Fire). Living creatures and vampires cannot be directly ignited, but their clothes etc. can be.
    • Outrage 5 (Obliviate) targets the soul as well as the body. Non-wraith supernaturals are treated the same as mortals.
  • Pandemonium
    • Pandemonium 1 (Weirdness) lasts for one turn per success and is limited to small hallucinations. Phantasm is broader in scope.
    • Pandemonium 4 (Foul Humour) can create one point of blood per two successes. Vampires can drink it, but it's "revolting to a vampire - clotted, foul and generally nasty, much like what a Risen would have in her veins".
  • Usury
    • Usury 2 (Charitable Trust) cannot heal aggravated damage. Moliate 2 (Sculpt) can, but is more expensive.
    • Usury 3 (Early Withdrawal) is unsoakable, but again cannot heal aggravated damage.

Alternate arcanoi

  • The Great War - available to all wraiths, including tempered arcanoi (page 137).
  • The Hierarchy - requires Faction = Hierarchy.
  • Renegades - requires Faction = Renegade.
  • Guildbook (including Mnemoi from Ends of Empire) - requires Faction = Guilds and Guild = whatever.
  • If the required thing is currently blank or "None", +request to have it changed.
  • Arts from other books are currently unavailable. On +request, staff will research which splat would be allowed to learn them, whether any PCs could belong to it, and where it fits into the factions.

The Fog

There seems to be some misunderstanding of who/what is exactly immune to various forms of supernatural innate powers. The following is a list of what's what for the races that have such:

The Fog - Some are not affected by the Fog: Innocent children, animals, the insane and certain of the other supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness. (pg. 240 WtO 2nd Edition as there is no Revised version)

  • Because the book doesn't state exactly which other supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness are immune to the Fog, staff has ruled that the following are immune:
    • All Wraiths/Risen (Obviously)
    • All Shifters
    • All Mages
    • All Vampires
    • All Changelings
    • All Demons
    • All Ghouls
    • Sorcerers with at least level 3 in any numina.
    • Psychics with at least level 3 in any numina.
    • All Possessed
    • All Kinfolk
    • All Kinain
    • Those with the merit: Spirit Sight


  • Deathsight can detect that someone isn't aging (e.g. Unaging merit, demon with non-empty Faith pool), but doesn't tell the wraith why.

PCs can choose to spend Shadow XP on their Shadow (WtO 231). This will be tracked in +notes.