House of Many Doors

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Ostiorum Domus de Multis
(House of Many Doors)
One destination, many paths


There are so many doors to open. I am impatient to begin.
-Charlie Gordon, Flowers for Algernon

The House of Many Doors is an open-door chantry, where members can come and go without strict adherence to formality, oaths of obedience and secrecy. Part safe-house and part discussion forum, willworkers of nearly any paradigm can come and share their knowledge of reality in a peaceful and constructive fashion.

The chantry leaders are a first point of contact for new magi coming into the city. There is a mail drop at Prospect Roasters for this purpose.




Library of Alexandria

This cabal focuses on education, and maintains the chantry's communal library. It has a strong Verbena presence, though other Traditions are welcome.

Elax.jpg Eloise and Axton Hayes
Gwydion019.jpg Gwydion McBride

Lighthouse of Messina

This cabal focuses on exploration.

PhilH6.jpg Phil Harrison
Branton001.jpg Branton Kholer

Fountain of Neptune

This cabal focuses on community improvement.

Eilonwy5.jpg Eilonwy Fairweather
NickParker2.jpg Nick Parker
Ceara13.png Ceara Carrick


  • Don't bring harm to any within the chantry.
  • Don't bring any outside harm to the chantry.
  • Leave your drama at the door.
  • Be fair and welcome any who seek refuge behind the door.