House of Many Doors

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Ostiorum Domus de Multis
(House of Many Doors)
One destination, many paths


There are so many doors to open. I am impatient to begin.
-Charlie Gordon, Flowers for Algernon

The House of Many Doors is an open-door chantry, where members can come and go without strict adherence to formality, oaths of obedience and secrecy. Part safe-house and part discussion forum, willworkers of nearly any paradigm can come and share their knowledge of reality in a peaceful and constructive fashion.

The chantry leaders are a first point of contact for new magi coming into the city. There is a mail drop at Prospect Roasters for this purpose.




Library of Alexandria

This cabal focuses on education, and maintains the chantry's communal library. It has a strong Verbena presence, though other Traditions are welcome. Members include:

Lighthouse of Messina

This cabal focuses on exploration. Members include:

Fountain of Neptune

This cabal focuses on community improvement. Members include:


  • Don't bring harm to any within the chantry.
  • Don't bring any outside harm to the chantry.
  • Leave your drama at the door.
  • Be fair and welcome any who seek refuge behind the door.