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O Morrigan, we call your name Across the dusty years.

You speak to us, of blood and lust. You show us all our fears. You are a goddess, old and wise. Of holy power you have no dearth. Beneath your wings : Black, Red and White, We learn of death and birth.

You walk about, this ancient land, Your hungers raw and clear. You make the crops, grow rich and strong, As well your geese and deer. A flirting maid, a lusty hag, A mother of great girth : Without the touch of your black wings, We cannot heal the earth.

You float upon, a blood red wave, Of swords and spears and knives. Your voice inspires, fear and dread, That you'll cut short our lives. You try the warriors', courage sore, Our inner souls unearth. Without the touch of your red wings, We cannot know our worth.

You fly above the silver clouds, To Manannan's shining Gate. You lead the dead along that path, To meet our final fate. The joke's on us, we find within, A land of laughter and of mirth. Without the touch of your white wings, We cannot have rebirth.

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  • Eloise - My best friend from forever. Hippy and wonderful
  • Silvana - She's got a lot on her shoulders, hopefully my laid back irresponsibility is good for her.
  • Belle - Terribly sweet girl, and Morrigan loves her to bits.

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RP Hooks
Mortal Hooks
  • Surfer/Skater
  • Gardening/Plants
  • Injured animals
  • Morrigan his albino raven

Supernatural Hooks
  • Verbena
  • Injured animals
  • Plants
  • Life Touch/Healing

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Albino raven.jpg

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Name: James 'Hrafn' Olafson
Date of Birth: March 20, 1990
Apparent Age: 23
Occupation: Gardener
Nature: Masochist
Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Mage.png Verbena.png

Tradition: Verbena

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Notable Stats


  • Life Touch
  • Legendary Attribute (Stamina)
  • Manifest Avatar (Morrigan)


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The Morrigan by Heather Dale
The Morrigan builds with flesh and bone.
The Morrigan fills an empty throne.
The Morrigan shows a shifting face.
The Morrigan knows your time and place.

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