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It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

~ Albert Einstein

Ian Langdon

Tall and somewhat slender, with a decidedly British pallor and a West London accent to match, Ian’s grey eyes take in the world from behind a pair of Zegna eyeglasses. He keeps his shoulder–length auburn hair neatly swept behind his ears, giving him a somewhat bohemian look, whether dressed in a suit or Levi's. He is rarely seen without a small black leather Dunhill shoulder bag.


Ian was born and raised in London, England, to upper middle–class parents who encouraged his obsession with all things technological. As career paths go, he could do far worse, and it was apparent long before he reached puberty that he had no future as a footballer, to put it gently.

His scholastic achievements earned him a scholarship at the very selective Cal Tech, where he was but one near–genius among many, the second tier of the student body's scientific prodigies. He graduated, then earned his Master's degree before founding Promethean, a software start–up that, after overcoming typical fledgling obstacles, began to show real promise. Once the company was well established, Ian made the unusual decision to remove himself from day–to–day operations, and re–locate out of Silicon Valley.

Computers aren't his whole life however. With money and growing self-confidence, Ian has re–made himself into a stylish, if not entirely smooth bachelor, exploring what social opportunities present while indulging in new hobbies, notable among them photography and learning to play the electric guitar.

Conversation Starters

  • Hyper–Reality Ian made his fortune developing a high–end visual effects suite—Virtuality—which quickly became de rigeur within the industry before eventually selling a majority stake in the company to one of the leading effects houses. He occasionally serves as a consultant to important clients, typically Hollywood studios facing deadline panic. If you're looking for a mentor in the software development industry you could do much worse, or perhaps you're looking for work? If nothing else, Ian is desperately in need of a receptionist–personal assistant.
  • Living Well On the other hand, Ian's no slave to the bottom line, and values his own time and quality of life as well as that of others. He is a recent transplant and can often be found exploring the city's night life, and any other attractions it has to offer a young, wealthy and single man, but remains very well aware of his good fortune and looks to pay it forward where he can, preferring to do so quietly, and with humility rather than resorting to self–aggrandizing, public acts of so–called charity.
  • Traditionalist Then again, there's the whole Awakening and life as a Virtual Adept, albeit one who gets out of his basement more often than most. While he's done reasonably well for himself exploring his potential as a will–worker, he's both highly sociable and sufficiently unfettered by ego and so is willing to meet, and perhaps learn from, other Mages, regardless of affiliation, assuming of course you're not trying to capture, re–educate, kill him or otherwise cramp his style.


  • Located roughly between Maple Park and the university campus and dating back to 1882 the five–story, red–brick loft style edifice has served as up–market lofts since the turn of the millennium. Atop it perches Ian's residence and Sanctum, apparently built during the residential conversion, designed to complement the style of the adjacent Bazinet Atrium apartments. Five stories tall and occupying some 10,900 square feet, it somehow manages to escape casual notice, while all official record of its existence has seemingly been lost.
Arcane means weighing the merits of privacy and security against the convenience of pizza delivery.
  • One conspicuous indulgence Ian has permitted himself with his company's success is his car, a pristine white McLaren MP4–12C such as the one pictured at right. While its world–class performance may be too much for him to handle at times, the MP4's suspension and build quality is such that he can drive it every day without discomfort or fear of accident, unlike a Ferrari or other high–strung Italian plaything. Another is his platinum Patek Philippe Grand Complication wristwatch, also pictured. Among his other possessions of note, not shown, are a Hasselblad H5D high–end digital camera and Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. Recently added a Lexus GS 450h for four–seat practicality and an old–fashioned but thoroughly modern Leica manually–operated film camera with which to learn every aspect of the photographer's art.
Appearance: ●●●○○
Charisma: ●●○○○

Occupation: Software Developer
Demeanor: Bon Vivant

Arete: ●●●○○○○○○○
Tradition: Virtual Adepts
Faction: Reality Coder