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This had better be one doozy of a quote.

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Philippa Milani and Nephews

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Conversation Pieces

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Living Well, Indeed


This quick glimpse at his oceanside house should make his embracing the bachelor lifestyle all too evident.
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Expensive Timepieces

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Should Probably Mention The Toys...

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Inàcio, her Father

Tall and slender, with saturnine good looks, Inàcio is every inch the elegant European businessman. He shuns the spotlight, saving him the inconveniences of fame, but there is much in his manner that suggests he is not one to be trifled with.

Always immaculately turned out, favouring such exclusive Italian tailors such as Brioni and Canali su misura, Zegna for more casual wear. Rarely, if ever the best–dressed in the room at any formal event but always a credit to the host.

Traveling in Style

No one of means who travels frequently and values either their time, their comfort, their privacy or any combination of the aforementioned seriously considers flying commercial whenever circumstances don't demand it. The Gulfstream G50 is everything a VIP could, reasonably or utterlly spoiled and high maintenance, expect to travel in style.
Highly useful for reaching the Caligula at sea or merely avoiding rush–hour traffic to and from private hangar and adjacent runway, to the helipad on the rooftop of her penthouse, few with the excess of means it implies would dismiss the traffic–defying necessity of their own executive helicopter, and a Eurocopter EC145 with Mercedes-Benz styling is one of the very best.
Inàcio can often be seen teasing abut their city in his Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, which is a vehicle as subtle and practical as it easy on gasoline. Sometimes, boys simply must have their toys.
When not chauffeuring the Milani, at least one of whom shows a frequent preference for assaulting even the concept of a speed limit by reflex whenever possible, the elegantly exclusive, chauffeured Bentley Mulsanne is frequently made available to the resort's preferred guests.
Her own choice in which to waft about town, a 'Morgan Seri is, perhaps, a tad romanticised, but considering her father's rarefied tastes on Italian refusal to go quietly if there is any way to do so to the automotive symphony of an Italian V–12, no one much remarks upon it at all, really.
The Aggripina is Inàcio's 75ft runabout, should the Caligula be out of port and skies be too ugly to risk fliying. Also a favourite of his daughter's.
Whereas the Caligula is the extravagant 105m yacht entirely devoted to the concept of high–stakes gambling amidst every conceivable comfort and pleasure, all smirkingly outside of California's coastal waters. If one is going to flaunt their excess, do so with proper arrogance. After all, wagering such staggering sums as to justify such a floating temple to excess is not a pastime for the prudent, the restrained, or those without an extremely touchy view of their position among those upon who the world exists to please. Subtlety is not a virtue much admired in such circles. Hence, in sticking to the Italian–Latin theme of the Milani marque,Caligula just refused to apologize or step aside for a less decadent despot for whom to name the yacht.