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vamp-skull-01 "People try to drown their sorrows in alcohol, or wealth, or the fiction of love. I prefer to drown their sorrows in the Abyss." Gangrelaquarii

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Camarilla "I suppose that makes sense. If you cannot defend yourself, find a bunch of simpletons to believe your lies and die on your behalf. So goes every civilization since the dawn of time."
Sabbat "Amusing neonates who come howling for my blood on occasion. One cannot howl far underwater, but I do like the screams."
Anarch "When one absolutely refuses to kneel, this just makes sense."
Kine "Prey."
Rokea "No matter how big and bad you think you are, there is always someone more dangerous."
Wraith "Diablerize your enemies and this won't be an issue."

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Annastasija Hunter hunted. You were most amusing.

Xavia Don't talk to strangers. Don't go places alone in the dark. Whores always lose in the end.

Dwayne God doesn't hear your prayers or see your final attempts at nobility. When the little fish is thrown back, lets see if he will become a shark.

Dead Eye What foul pit did you crawl up from? What do you want with me three centuries later?

Vivianne Dumb bitch with a bizarre sense of entitlement.

Nuala More to this little hayseed than pretty packaging. First person in this shit town I could actually like.

Silvana As covert as an unmarked white impala.

Agate Little shit stirrer for the Camarilla. You want the archbishop dead so bad? Sack up and do it yourself. I don't buy what your selling.

Shea Solid dude. This guy is gonna be a big deal down the road, mark my words.

Slayton Meth Cowboy looking to move up. I can help if I just get him to stop looking down at low class cargo. White collar clients got more to lose. Quit messing with the dregs.

Jackyl Introverted. Loyal to the cause. Thats what counts.

Aubrey I wanna know who gets a contract to make a necromancer serve drinks. More she ain't telling.

Christopher Pop-up Baron. I do like a good game of whack-em mole.

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RP Hooks

SMUGGLING - Need some sensitive cargo transported below the radar? We can work something out.

PIRACY - Its not about cannons and slow moving galleons anymore, now its about speedboats and satellite surveillance. Terror is the constant through time.

CAROUSING - I do have a compass but it is not a moral compass. Love is for the weak of mind but there are diversions to make one's stay in port more pleasurable.

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Clan: Sea Gangrel

Concept: Pirate

Demeanor: Rebel

Faction: Anarch


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  • Corrosion of Conformity___Clean My Wounds [1]
  • KISS___Lick it Up [2]
  • How to Destroy Angels__A Drowning [3]


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