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Violence is the gold standard, The reserve that guarantees order: In actuality, it is better than a gold standard, Because violence has universal value. Violence transcends the quirks of philosophy, religion, technology and culture. It's time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe. History teaches us that if we don't, someone else surely will. ~ Jack Donovan, Violence is Golden


OOC NOTICE: This background is to be considered purely OOC knowledge.


The Beginning..

It began as things have been known to in Africa with death, The true keeper of balance in mother nature. Even before I broke free from my egg sac I felt the stirring in my blood. That need to feed upon the world, To devour and to destroy. So it is no wonder that when I broke free from that prison that I quickly found myself devouring my brothers and sisters from my clutch, Their flesh not satiating my hunger enough but merely making me desire for more.. Making me crave the flesh of bigger prey...

The Truth Revealed

To this day I am not sure if it was months or years that I fed upon the life that was scattered about the Kalahari Desert, What started with meerkats whose sweet flesh to this day brings fond memories.. and causes me to salivate and wild dogs soon became larger creatures. And then they came for me, At the time I did not know how they could know where to find me.. but they did. Today I know it was due to the Queen's guidance but then it was all so mysterious. Never before had I seen men change into spiders but that day I did, and they brought me to the place that would change it all. Taking me north to the facility to reveal the truth of what it was to be a spider and just how much more I really was. It was then I found my true purpose, It was then the queen shared with me her vision.. and showed me the path I was meant to take. I was to be a warrior in her name, the true bringer of balance within the world. I was to become death, I was to become destruction.

The Company and Beyond.

Once I knew what I was to become and discovered the true power that was within the ability to not just be a spider but also become something of nightmares. A creature meant to kill and to hunt. Acting as the queens knife within the world and the Triat. Each of us has our place in the grand scheme of things, Mine was to fulfill the purpose the Wyrm was meant to but forgot with its madness. Is it any wonder that I found myself in the employ of the company. Nastrum Enterprises allowed me to truley realize my full potential to extract that which need be laid to rest from the world for balance to be restored. The Congo, Sierra Leone.. Africa was the perfect place for me to hone my skills and get used to the new body that I had been given. The battlefields and death there bringing back some measure of balance.. though it was not meant to last.. Soon the Queen called again.. and the company. And I was on my way to a new place with new wars..California.

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The Others

The Others
Vampire They feast off the living much as we do, though they are prisoner to the night and darkness. A weakness I should never want..
Werewolf Of all the ovids the wolves far to often become victim to their anger, One must keep their head to succeed in this war..
Wraith I never much did care for ghost stories..
Changeling They look far better than they taste...
Mage To give such power to such a weak life form.. it makes one wonder just what sort of game the cosmos is playing at. And I wonder just how they might taste..
Mortal Such frail bodies.. so full of weakness.. so full of taste.

The Triat

Views on the Triat
Wyld Your Duty was to create, That was your place in the cycle of things.. In this little thing we call the Triat. Your children though seem to have forgotten that, with the rage of the ovids and their lust for honor.. They are now a force of destruction. Seems the Weaver has changed us all, even you and your children.. doing what the wyrm was always meant to do..
Weaver Your web has grown wild, your lust for control stronger than ever. You throw things out of balance, Your madness spreads like cancer.
Wyrm One can not help but feel for many under your control, The madness imposed upon you by the weaver that touchs so many of your flock making them forget what it was to be of the wyrm. What our duty truly is.. But I do not forget, I shall keep to what you were meant for. Balance must be restored.

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  • Carver: A new face one that perhaps I will run across again, The bru has a few good points. Can't fault him in his views..
  • Izzy : Little Miss or Man, You might tread more carefully with your words while in public. It can only bring ruin to you and your friends..
  • Paisley: So tasty a morsel, Be glad you remember nothing.. We shall see one another again.
  • Bayne: An interesting one that is for certain, I look forward to more /conversations/. Seems we may have much in common..
  • Shannon: Well you got the Manson Family whoever they are, And seem fairly straight forward.
  • Mad Wanda: Interesting sort, Smoked because it looked interesting. Makes one wonder where the line is drawn when it comes to new things..
  • Raze: An interesting sort, The blind wolf of white and crimson. Perhaps there will be use for him
  • Basilisk: She is interesting enough, Saying so much when speaking to spiders..
  • Eris: From thrown shoes to now bites and those dancing movements. Little Doll.. how you intrigue me. True to the path.. so strange.. So much like my own kind. Yet still so different..
  • Van: You wore a sun dress, you asked your questions.. climbed on me.. sniffed and then passed out against my chest.. Strange is this one. Even for an Ovid..
  • Pandora: You have moved into my garage and the space above.. Little do you realize that even that.. is my web. So innocent.. this shall be interesting
  • Rio: You are of interest, you trembled and still gave in to the pain. Pain is life, remember often times it is the only thing that is our own.

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RP Hooks

General Hooks

  • Nastrum Enterprises: This company that acts as a department of defense research and weapons manufacturing company is one that Itzal has ties to. The man currently under the employ of the company as a Private Contractor and Security Consultant. He currently has relocated due to this job to the Perdition area.
  • Civil War: With Africa's many civil wars and the large number of private military companies operating on behalf of governments Itzal saw some service in various African countries, Were you in a war torn area? Maybe you saw him there..

Physical Hooks

  • Fitness Nut: Itzal can often be found running around town or at various gyms that offer boxing or MMA style fighting.

Social Hooks

  • New Face: Itzal has only recently arrived in town having been transferred for work.
  • Accent?: Yeah he has one, It may sound like a strange sort of British accent. i.e. south african-english
  • Vampire!?: Ananasi have from time to time been mistaken for vampires given their similar.. feeding habits.


  • The Triat: Itzal doesn't serve the wyrm as many of its minions do, The Ananasi have proven that they are able to withstand the madness that takes so many other ovids when dealing closely with the wyrm. He is a maintainer of balance in a world with anything but, He serves the Wyrm's original purpose as a force of destruction so new life could be made and new creations could be shaped. Though he does in this capacity murder, create chaos and destroy places at times this does not mean he does so without thought.

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Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Looks to be in his twenties
Nationality: Basque/South African
Occupation: Private Contractor (Mercenary)
Nature: Find out..
Demeanor Chameleon
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Approx. 240 Lbs
Hair: Dark Brown near black.
Aspect: Agere
Faction: Hatar (Wyrm)
Race: Ananasi
Rite Name: Dreams~of~Blood

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The Arachnid form: Six-Eyed Sand Spider

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