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"Don't think for a moment that there isn't a Reason behind everything I say and do... except when I'm being Unreasonable, of course.. but even then."

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Nuala- Brilliant, talented, beautiful and unpredictable. She's like a Sister to me. Been trying for years to convince her to move to Alabama where that kind of thing I think about every time she smiles would not raise eyebrows. She understands me, and what this whole thing is all about, better than anyone.

Shea- Stand up guy. IF it were possible to get in a jam I couldn't think my way out of, he would have the best shot at it. He's got the right mix of grit and grace, and under pressure there's nobody I'd want to count on more. I hope Nuala's perspectives rub off on him though, because sometimes his idealism is way too black and white.

Slayton- I like the Cowboy more than he likes me, for sure. If I'm gonna butt heads with a friend, I couldn't think of a better butthead for it to be. Where it matters, we're tight and that's all that matters. Not gonna stop tryin to pry his eyes open tho, or force his grizzly ass to smile.

Shard- So much potential. Lost.

Aubrey- I can't see how she can /really/ be one of us, with her other outstanding obligations; but she does seem to be trying and sincere in her efforts. Hope to get to know her better and build on the foundation she has so far shown us.

Calvero- Prove it. Proooooove. Iiiiiiit.

Arthur- I have a hard time respecting generic hoodlums, and even harder when they hide behind meat shields and employ shady tactics for their petty vengeance. It will take a lot to convince me that he is on our side, and even more to convince me that he would do us any good being there.

Paco/Abe- A lost cause. And I don't like losing. IF he wasn't all full of shit from the get go, I feel sorry for him and the fucked up situation Fate dealt him, but there's nothing more I can do about it. If you paint a glow in the dark target on your head, somebody is gonna shoot at it.

Silvana- The plastic, ignorant whore? Did I say that out loud? Yeah, well... that.

Blackwell- A colossal waste of time. Good riddance if you're really gone.

Wyck- A two faced charlatan. Good riddance if you're really gone.

Anezka- Intriguing. Rare something so beautifully horrid shows.. well... anything more than simply that. Willing to listen though, and that is a start. Far too few do anything more in a conversation then wait for their turn to talk.

Kumo- Crafty, clever, cute, and snarky... AND warnings that she is dangerous too? Come to Daddy!

Brice- Not really worth mentioning. Just a poofter.

Vivianne- *Censored*

Hayden- Oh, dear boy, so much awaits you. I will prepare my leash and velvet glove.

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RP Hooks
  • Sphere/Sub-sphere Plot takes precedence (That being Vampire/Anarch)
  • The Biograph Theater is his business. It will develop a reputation as a haven for the weird, lost, intoxicated, nerdy, anti-establishment, nostalgic, subversive, freaky sorts. All sphere's are welcome in the public areas, and anything short of overt violence is acceptable here so long as you can keep your specific Masquerade covered. Let's have fun.
  • Anything surreal, psychedelic, punk rock, radical, revolutionary, or smelling like a Conspiracy? He will look into it.
  • Flirt? You wanna flirt? He will flirt with/hit on/trade bizarre innuendos with most anyone without regard for gender, race, or Reality of origin. Looking for gratuitous TS? Notsomuch. If someone appeals to him and there seems to be something within such an involvement to further plot and story? He may well go there. But don't expect it to be what you expect. What fun would that be?
      • OOC Flaw: Altaphobia! If you have tons of 'alts', I don't want to play with them ALL. If you have more than one of the same kind of super, I consider it impossible to accept that there is no conflict of interest so I do NOT want to be involved with more than ONE of them and will instinctively not trust you completely. I expect full disclosure before I scene with you if you are/were someone else I have RP'd with. If you are Staff, I want to know, and will consider your 'alt' an NPC and not want any confrontational plot entanglement with them because I consider it unethical if you do so.
      • I am RISK ZERO. Actually I am Risk -23. I may, no I /will/, plot and scheme and maneuver in ways that will effect other PCs. I will undermine someone's authority if it needs undermining. I will investigate people trolling people and I will use Influences and Contacts to gather information and inconvenience someone's efforts to fuck with me or someone I care about... BUT I do not believe in PK and do not want to deal with people who play for the sole purpose of PK. You know who you are. If you want conflict with me, ROLEPLAY it; don't ROLLplay it. If all you can do it put in +jobs and use insanely huge power pools to undermine someone's play and don't even have the decency to give them any sort of defense or recourse or gods forbid an actual SCENE, If are unable to negotiate or compromise for the sake of Story and instead think this is a video game and you just want to WIN because you have the powers to do so... just leave me alone. I have zero tolerance for bullies. kthanxbai.

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Camarilla -Really, if they didn't exist; I'd have to invent them. It's really funny how they refuse to acknowledge their absolute irrelevance in the grand scheme of things. It's like after all these centuries, they're still making it up as they go along and expecting everyone to believe whatever nonsensical edicts whatever nonsensical so called leaders pull out of their asses are seeped in Tradition; or necessary concessions in 'these modern nights' to justify their paranoid delusions. Yeah, look who is accusing whom of paranoid delusions. That's funny!

Sabbat -On the Plus Side, they know how to act like Vampires. On the Minus Side, well, pretty much everything else they do. I'd sooner expect Cthulhu himself to rise up and stir the soup than their silly little Antediluvians. "Organized Religion is the Opiate of the Masses. Disorganized Religion is the Marijuana of the Lunatic Fringe" THEIR Religion is the Bath Salt Coated Crack of the Irrevocably Damaged. I love it when they give the Cammos black eyes, but there's no way in hell I would allow their vision of how things should be run to come to pass.





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Larry The Disgruntled Employee
Danny "D-Seminator" Dabrowski
Officer Latrice "Letty" Jenkins

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Real Name: Jackson Napier?
Aka: Jack. Just Jack. Jacky. Johnny. 'Miss Jackson if you're Nasty'
Faction: Anarch
Position: I can think of some interesting ones...
Clan: Ventrue... j/k! Malkavian (duh)
Sign: Scorpio
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 160#
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Nature: None of your beeswax
Demeanor: Deviant
Occupation: Owner of the Biograph Theater / Stand-up Philosopher

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Notable Stats
**Stats Don't Make One Notable. Being Notable Makes One Notable**

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Weird Al Yankovic - "Such A Groovy Guy"
Green Day - "American Eulogy/Mass Hysteria"
John Lennon - "Working Class Hero"
Barenaked Ladies - "Get In Line"
Billy Joel - "You May Be Right"
King Missile - "It's Saturday"
Cracker - "Get Off This"
(Seriously, if you arent familiar with one or more of these, read the lyrics for insight on the character)

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