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Vampires - Bloodsuckers.

Werewolves - Fleabags.

Ghosts - Creepy.

Faeries - Go find a Ren Faire, weirdo.

Everybody Else - Meh.

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He knows people who know people who get things done. Unpleasant things that probably aren't socially acceptable and/or legal and/or in good taste.

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No pages meet these criteria.

"The world is not my home, I'm just passing through..." Tom Waits, "Come On Up to the House"

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Jacob Grime

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Status: PC
Race: No, thanks, I prefer to walk.
Full Name: Jacob Grime
Date of Birth: Probably sometime in the late 80s, early 90s.
Height: 6' 2"

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RP Hooks
You may know him in some fashion if you are a:

Client: If you're looking to hire someone to get something done that you'd rather have off the books? Yeah, you might run into him.

Criminal: If you're a criminal, you may know someone who knows someone who knows him.

Hacker: You hack? Maybe you know his handle.

Horrible Person: Are you terrible? I mean, really, really awful? We might have a reason to interact.

A Coffee Aficionado: Do you like or have access to rare and unusual kinds of coffee? You might have something he wants to buy or have run into him at specialized coffee houses.

What can I say? He really likes his coffee!

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Played By: Anthony Carrigan