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James R. Maddox

"Untutored Courage is Useless in the Face of Educated Bullets."




Date of Birth: June 14, 1979
Position: Detective
Status: Married
Race: Motal+ (Sorcerer)
Tradition: Order of Hermes


A normal boy, a normal life. Jamie grew up on legos and Atari. A late bloomer, in the 80s everyone was up to Commodore's at least, or Intellivision, moving into the world of PC, or upgrading to NES and Saga and the like. He was on Atari. His first computer was an Apple IIE, green screen, C Basic DOS, floppy discs and copying games by using a paper punch to remove the 'write' protection. This was in grade school, he went to public school. Other school with money moved up to IBM and eventually windows, his library had green screens, just like his home PC.

He made his own entertainment. He find enjoyment out of puzzles and enigmas, a good mystery that could be puzzled out was far better than scrolling plumbers jumping on turtle shells. 20 questions or 'What Am I', the sort of games played in parlours a century+ before his time, is the sort of thing he enjoyed doing with his family. He had a good life, no matter what anyone else looking out might observe. He got good grades, got scholarships, went to school in the Midwest for Criminology/Criminal Justice.

College Life

A party in college for Jamie the crush to complete a group term project in one of his Criminal Justice classes. Or LAN parties to play a new video game. Not the latest MMO, but just a few friends in the same room socializing and playing a game. Soda, chips, laughs, talking about girls. Good party stuff. He did well in school, got a masters in Criminology, met Lacie. She became a chemicial forensicsist, got a Ph.D. even. He got a job as local law enforcement in the college town in the midwest they both went to school together at. He worked his way up to investigator, she got her doctorate. They shipped off to Prospect after both were graduated.

Jacie: My new partner
Lacie: Ball and chain

Professional Life

She got a job in forensics with Prospect PD, he became an investigator again. Not the sort with a gun and a badge that kicked in door, talked to perps and sovled crimes. No, the sort that investigated the crime scene, found evidence, and used logic to come to conclusions on likely suspects. Along the way he picked up some street knowledge, but his love stayed at puzzles and logic. His girlfriend became his wife, they lived that American dream, school sweethearts (nerdy, it isn't hot physical romance, geeky jokes and laughs, reading books quietly, stable). She moved up as a forensic chemist with PPD, he stayed an investigator. Lived a quiet life. She more controlling, him taking it cause, it was a life.

Secret Life

He was trained in the traditions of the Order of Hermes. No mage, his abilites are based on learning and tradition.