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Ahem. OK, here’s what we've got: the Rand Corporation — in conjunction with the saucer people — under the supervision of the reverse vampires — are forcing our parents to go to bed early in a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner! We’re through the looking glass, here, people...

--- Millhouse

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Changeling The Cottingley Fairies were an admitted hoax, but who knows what else could be out there? There could be beings from another dimension, poking into our dimension to experiment on us or even use us for their amusement!
Demon I don't believe in religious demons, but I believe that there could be science demons. Like twisted versions of ghosts who want to make people suffer. I've seen shadows, and read reports on sleep paralysis. Shadow beings are a very real thing, probably what we know as demons.
Mage Wicca is an established religion and we should respect their beliefs.
Mortal We believe that they're the innovators of conspiracy theories, but the truth is more likely that it was something -more-. Most modern human civilization, our technology, the presence of owls on the internet. It all links back to aliens. The Moth Man is a perfect example, it was clearly a giant mutant owl, an alien experiment. I believe that aliens are deeply rooted in the owl species, they're the closest that you can get to alien DNA, and now owls are being worshiped on the internet so that when they finally make first contact, we won't see them as a threat.
Werewolf Werewolves are probably a misinterpretation of Big Foot lore. Wolf men probably exist, but I think most of the stories come from Big Foot, or maybe the Wendigo. I don't mess with anything that can rip me apart, but I'd try to get a picture or video of one!
Wraith Japanese vengeance ghosts, you don't mess with Japanese ghosts, you can't get rid of them. Once you're cursed, you're cursed.
Vampire There's no such thing as vampires, that's ridiculous. But there is the chupacabra, and those black eyed children, which are a -kind- of vampire. I've never seen them myself, don't want to see them, fuck that.

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RP Hooks
Jay is a ridiculous camera enthusiast. He loves video cameras, photography, making documentaries, movies, filming himself, or even taking pictures of just random stuff. He's not famous or even known on the internet, but he wants to be!

Chinese Takeout

He works at a Chinese takeout place as the delivery driver. He's occasionally a clerk. If one needs Chinese takeout delivered, he's the guy!

Conspiracy Theorist

He believes in all sorts of conspiracies. He doesn't necessarily know anything for sure, but he's seen glimpses. Aliens, vampires, government cover ups, there isn't much he won't show interest in! He's on a never ending search for the truth!

Faerie Affinity

For some strange reason, fae find his presence to be pretty pleasant and want to be around him! Maybe you're one of those fae!


He has a nicely sized library of information, both physical and digital! He's a great person to go to for research.


Hacking, computer repair, programming, he does it for fun! Want to be hacked, want something fixed, want to be taught? He can help!


He likes nerd stuff, come be a nerd with him!

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Jay H. Banks

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Played By: Donald Glover