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Demon "People believe in a God that no longer believes in them. We want to ascribe some great meaning to the Fall, but the reality is based in simple and capricious cruelty. How like Him are his creations, wrapped in webs of illusion and deceit." Demon

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Luciferan.png "Like God, Lucifer abandoned us. People keep chasing after him as if he will lead us once more... but to what?
Faustian.png "Playing petty games to aggrandize themselves and pretend they are gods. That worked out so well for the Morningstar."
Cryptic.png "As much a negation of philosophy as Agnosticism is a negation of religion. The sad truth is that there is no truth."
Reconciler.png "Grovel on your own time. We see how much mercy was left for us before being cast into darkness. The void was the promised reward for those who repent. Why do you seek it again?"
Ravener.png "They also have experienced the revelation of no meaning, but for them it means they should burn everything down before God can do it himself."
Mortal.png "Animals, stumbling over the wretchedness of an abandoned creation and seeking meaning in it."

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Andrea Winters Honesty both refreshing and terrifying. It could be so much more. [1]

Zoe One should expect a level of danger when associating with the mentally ill. Why didn't I? [2]

Latona & Lyra Most adorable couple. Most drunk couple. These two are really hilarious!

Kasumi Little Asian Apothecary. She has a great sense of humor.

Briarlee Adorable waitress at Wafflemania.

Champagne You had all the right things to say. Emotionally dead. When it comes down to it, you are a contradiction of yourself. [3]

River Quirky apothecary living and doing business out of an old church. I like her attitude.

Charli Tinyheart.png So much awesome in a tiny package. She has all the things: smart, creative, and really hilarious. Downside, always gets carded for looking like a tenth grader. I am in love with her. Mine. [4]

Debbi Fondles her boyfriend's junk like Stewart from MadTV. "Look what I can do!"

Nettle The slave who killed her former master, now offers a two edged sword of fealty? I'm watching you.

Hateful Crow Zoe discounts you as being of peripheral importance. I am intrigued. What game are we playing?

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RP Hooks
Disintegration Radio: Jayne Q is the host of a local morning show on KDGR, Disintegration Radio. Its a rock station most of the day. Her radio show does a lot of irreverent things and exposes hypocrisy wherever it can. Jayne is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and has liberal political leanings but most people just listen for the comedy. She is mostly known in Prospect though some of her more outrageous stunts have gathered wider notice.

Out of Body Experience: Being so fresh from the Abyss, Naamah can't even recall her own name. She seeks occult knowledge but is fearful to disclose too much. She worries that she might in fact be Jayne, and is losing her mind. At the same time she worries that if she isn't Jayne, someone might purge her from the body and send her back to the nightmare.

Unlucky in Love: Abandoned by her father God, abandoned by Lucifer, Jayne tends to continue the cycle of bad choices, choosing poorly in relationships with a subconcious agenda to reaffirm her belief that love is a only a cruel joke.

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Jayne Q.

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Celestial Name: Naamah

Faction: Cryptic

House: Lammasu

Concept: Shock Jock

Affiliation: Cult of Naamah


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Notable Stats
CHARISMA Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.png

MANIPULATION Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.png

EMINENCE Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.png

One of consors of Asmodeus, Naamah's ability to tempt and deceive both mankind and angels made her invaluable in the Silver Legion. Though she was not talented in the arts of flesh, she was most talented in the arts of interrogation and pain. The suffering she inflicted on those unfortunate enough to be imprisoned in Taba'et was a horror few would wish to remember. When Asmodeus joined forces with Abbadon to create the Nephilim through rape of mortals, Naamah joined them. Though of course the spawn she bore from her loins were gained through seduction. She typically destroyed the fathers in such cruel fashion that rape would have been considered kind.


LORE OF LONGING Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.png

LORE OF HUMANITY Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.png

LORE OF REALMS Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.png

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Here Comes the Rain ( The Cult -cover by Esther Therese- ) [5]

Fade Into You ( Mazzy Star ) [6]

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Apocalyptic Form


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Charlotte Alders


Maya Freemen



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