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Jeanne's mother struck a deal with a fire spirit, to father her child. In doing so her mother died shortly after Jeanne was born. She has a spirit Heritage to fire, and it is apparent that this kinship is shared, should she ever learn how to speak to the flame.

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Bjorn - Bear friend, I will always save you a dance.

Dre - Shadowlord friend, possibly could be something more.

Yuri - I have enjoyed meeting you.

William - You are always here for me, thank you for saving me from the fire.

Bryan - It took me forever to meet you, but I finally know I have a real family out here.

Justine - I will never understand you, but you do remind me of a My little pony character.

Sharon - My new Bff

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RP Hooks
Raised by Romani but is not blooded

Fire Spirit - Heritage

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Catching first sight of the ebon haired woman before you, the phrase striking femininity may come to mind, as her light crystal bluish-gray eyes look out at the world, from a regal, yet soft featured face.. those eyes, so captivating, yet perhaps only equaled to that smile of hers... soft serene and welcoming lips, that even when slightly curled, exhibit a warmth, that radiates from her being. Her dark hair frames her sun-kissed features, a dusky hue that comes from living in the Eastern sands.

Masses of inky black hair cascades down over her back and shoulders, to tickle the tops and sides of her petite breasts. Her figure, hour glassed and slender, emphasized by a blue silk and richly gold trimmed dress, that clings to her body like a familiar yet hesitant lover. Draped over that, adding further mystique, and intrigue, is a richly golden hooded cloak, which falls casually behind her like a cape.

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Notable Stats

Sleight of Hand


Fire Dancing



Clear Sighted

Spirit Heritage 2

Eve's Touch

Appearance 4

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