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"If you hadn't had shoelaces, I couldn't have tied them together!"
-By me


Jeoffrey grew up in San Diego in a nice, loving, middle-class family. Everything was picture perfect until he chrysalised at the age of 9. Being a pooka, all of a sudden, didn't work out too well for his parents. He started lieing all the time, acting up in school, and just acting rather goofy. Fortunately, he had a decent mentor who helped him stay on track enough to keep from driving his parents crazy.

He wasn't a bad guy, however. He had a natural love for people and loved helping those in need or simply those who could use it. He did his best to be an asset for his home county. That worked out well until he was on a road trip with some other kithain. He pulled a few too many "hilarious" pranks on his roadtrip-mates and they got a bit too fed up and abandoned him in Portland.

That was about a year ago and that's where he met Cali and snuck his way into her heart. The two hit it off almost immediately and have been together since. After living with her for about half of the year, he moved to Louisiana with her to help her find her father. Though it wasn't a storybook reunion, they did succeed. They lived there for about six months before they decided to back to California.

  • Erin: Nice girl. A bit terrified of everything.
  • Faye: She seems to like my jokes and she's super nice and super pretty! Also, she might just end up his boss!
  • Locke: A big scary jerk. But the nicest one Jeff's ever met.
  • Seline: Nature-y! Let's go on a run together!
RP Hooks
  • Helping People: He really loves doing this. So if you have an adventure and you need an extra guy, or need help with your fundraiser, or need help moving, he can probably be suckered into it.
  • Solving Riddles: He has decent stats in both enigmas and gremayre.
  • Sneaky Stuff: he is good at pickpocket and sleight-of-hand.
  • Combat: Armed and Unarmed. He isn't the best, but he can give the best a run for their money.
  • Personality Traits: Protective, fiercely loyal, kind.

Jeff.jpg Puppy jeff.jpg

Birthday: 10/20/92
Occupation: Any odd job that's not likely to fire him the first time he pranks them
SPHERE INFO: Changeling
SPHERE INFO 2: Pooka: Pitbull Terrier
Strength ●●●●
Appearance ●●●●