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Greetings Earthling!

I come in Peace!

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RP Hooks
Fame Two years ago, Jesse Rogers was featured prominently in the national news coverage of a school shooting at Wildrow High in Oklahoma City. He was not the shooter (a manic boy named Dillon McKenzie, who claimed that God had told him to cleanse the high school). Jesse's fame is for successfully talking the shooter down with minimum loss of life (only two dead), at great peril to himself, and distracting Dillon long enough for police to take him into custody. A short interview hailing him as a hero was played repeatedly for about a week, before the media moved on to their next big sensation.
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Jesse Rogers


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Full Name Jesse Rogers
Apparent Age Late Teens
Occupation College Student
Demeanor ---
Height/Build 6'2/180 lbs
Played by Tom Welling

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Notable Traits
Jesse/Notable Traits

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Played By: Tom Welling