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Jessica Tyler

"Commissar, I would like to see this city built up again. I would like to see towers and spires of gleaming white. I would like to see our men on parade routes, not tours of duty! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE EVERY CITY ON THIS PLANET, EVERY COLONY ON THIS BESOTTED, MISERABLE SYSTEM TURNED TO THE SERVICE AND INDUSTRY OF THE IMPERIUM IN THE EMPEROR'S NAME!"
- Governor-General Vance Stubbs


Appearance Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Charisma Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.png

Expression Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Empathy Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.png
Awareness Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Alertness Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png

Cooking Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Drive Checkdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Security Checkdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Technology Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png

Academics Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Linguistics Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.png
Occult Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Computer Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Medicine Checkdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Politics Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png

Influence Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png

Lore Spirit Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Lore Mage Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Lore Garou Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Lore Fera Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Lore Vampire Checkdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Lore Wraith Checkdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Lore Wyrm Checkdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Lore Changeling Uncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png

Symbiosis Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.png
Banality Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.png
Willpower Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png
Gnosis Checkdot.pngCheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.pngUncheckdot.png

Noam Kaniel: A World Without Danger

Daft Punk: Harder Better Faster Stronger

Kanako Itou: Skyclad Observer

  • You Make Me Sic: "Reality-warping is one thing, but do you have to spell magic with a k? Proper spelling is important."
  • Nay Theist: "Belief makes people stupid. Whether or not the belief is based on fact is irrelevant."
  • Hive Mind: "The OneSong is a thing of beauty. We are all one, united in thought and purpose. There is no strife, only consensus."
  • Mind Hive: "There is no 'I' in 'Jessica'. Well, okay, there IS, but... nevermind."
  • Manchurian Agent: "Sometimes I just black out. I don't know what happens then, but the results usually aren't pretty."
Notable Traits
Date of Birth: May 16th, 1970
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Place of Birth: Rochester, New York
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Eye Color: Gray
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Marital Status: Married
Demeanor: Confidant
Job: City Council
Height: 5'4" (163cm)
Weight: 115lbs (52kg)
Played By: Alyson Hannigan

"I don't hold with paddlin' with the Occult," said Granny firmly. "Once you start paddlin' with the Occult you start believing in Spirits, and when you start believing in Spirits you start believing in Demons, and then before you know where you are you're believing in gods. And then you're in trouble."

"But all them things exist," said Nanny Ogg.

"That's no call to go around believing in them. It only encourages 'em."

-Sir Terry Pratchett, Lords and Ladies

Aura of Tranquility

Saying that Jessica has a calming influence on people is quite frankly a bit of an understatement. It might seem to be coincidence, or perhaps just an effect of her pleasant personality; in truth, she is surrounded by a supernatural aura of peace and harmony that soothes frayed nerves and washes away tensions and hostile feelings. People affected by the aura will quite simply feel much too calm to do anything harmful. (Demon players take note: it is a mood-affecting power, not mind control, so it works against you too.)

Mechanics: The aura has a range of 30 yards from Jessica's position, and is nearly always active; she CAN turn it off, but she almost never does so. In order to commit any sort of violent action (including making a frenzy check, rolling/spending Rage for any reason, etc) while in Jessica's presence, they must first beat (not merely tie) her on a resisted roll; they roll Willpower, she rolls Charisma + Empathy. If they win, they can act as violently as they please for one turn.

Voice of an Angel

Jessica is very, very pleasant to listen to. It's not just her delightful personality or absurdly high Charisma score (though there's that too), but also her voice - there's just something enthralling about it. It's not quite a matter of mind control, although it might certainly seem that way sometimes...

Merits: Enchanting Voice + Soothing Voice - +2 dice and -2 difficulty to most rolls that involve her using her voice. Attempts at intimidation are probably exempt, though.

Mostly Harmless

Jessica simply abhors violence in all forms. Not only will she do her utmost to keep others from fighting (the above mentioned aura helps, and she has other tricks up her sleeve too), she will not harm anyone herself, either. (Flaw: Pacifist)


Everyone knows there's no such things as faeries. Given a few minutes of conversation, she could probably convince even actual Changelings of this fact, and it's not just because of her voice... it's all for the best, of course. Having such delusions just isn't healthy. (Banality 10)


For a white girl, Jessica is remarkably well versed in the languages of the world. Aside from English, she is also perfectly fluent in ASL, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin, Japanese and Korean.

Jack Tyler "My husband. It's probably a good thing we don't work together - I don't think either of us would ever get anything done!"
Horatio Nelson Alexander "If nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong. If something is wrong, there is nothing we can do about it... so why keep looking?"
Klementina Piaskovsky "You run an interesting establishment. Great food, colorful people... I may have to stop by more often."
Professor Alfodr "My former employer. An interesting man, and I loved the actual job. Shame about what happened."

humans "Some would have you believe that humans do not rule the Earth. In a sense, they are both right and oh so very wrong. Humans - individual humans - control nothing. Humanity controls more than anyone - including themselves - could even hope to dream of."
mage "They really do need to spend less time talking about spells and more time learning how to... ah... spell. That K isn't supposed to be there."
union "Humanity's best, perhaps even only hope for a bright, glorious future. Just don't tell them that, it might worsen their hubris."
hunter "Not every problem can be solved with violence; not every problem that can be, needs to be. Some people never learn."
garou "They've got a kind of nobility to them that not many people can see. Such volatiles tempers, though... maybe I can help them with that. Someone has to make sure their efforts are guided towards something constructive."
corax "The few I've met have been such fascinating individuals. Not strong, not scary, but oh so clever. The world really could use more clever people."
rokea "Sleek, and not just physically. Efficient. Some look at them and see only teeth and death. They need to look harder - there is far, FAR more to them than that!"
vamps "At least there is one thing we agree about: humanity must continue to believe that vampires do not exist."
sabbat "Of course, some of them are a lot less discreet..."
nephandi "Crazy, stupid, or just plain evil? Possibly all three. Overly dramatic cries along the lines of 'You will doom us all!' obviously do little good; that is, after all, exactly what they are trying to accomplish. As for WHY? Jury's still out on that one."'
fae "Didn't we already disprove this theory, oh, several hundred years ago? There is no such thing."
fallen "Any day now, the Stargate people will send a Cease and Desist. Seriously, quit ripping off the Goa'uld. Or the Ori, for that matter."
wraiths "Are they what they seem to think they are? Who knows. Probably not. Either way, it doesn't really matter."