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"Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it. Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true.

For life is quite absurd, and death's the final word, enjoy it - it's your last chance anyhow.

You'll see it's all a show, keep 'em laughing as you go. Forget about your sin - give the audience a grin.

If life seems jolly rotten, there's something you've forgotten. And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.

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Society: Jinx is a playful prankster more happy to work odd jobs, normally in bars, and have a good time than any real ambition. Friendly, loyal, and generally helpful, she does like to cause mischief and upheaval as well.

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Changeling: A UnSeelie Pooka(Squirrel) Wildling; she has oathed as Jester to Baroness Liazaelyn Blackpool ni Fiona though otherwise stays out of fae politics, often playing with summoned chimera.. Her Pooka pranks and lies are wild and unpredictable though tend more often towards mischievous than destructive, though can be quite destructive and vengeful when provoked too much. Also, hates cats. On occasion she becomes a Skunk-Pooka and things get stinky.. She is most often followed around by at least one Chimerical Dragon or assorted monster.

Shifter: A ratkin-kinfolk, younger cousin to the Queen of Ash and Nightmares, she was in the know and a helping member before her Chrysalises and becoming a Changeling. She continued her involvement as a Wyld and sometimes Gaian friend until disappearing for several years, only recently reemerging onto the Shifter scene. Something about a memory/identity curse done by Seelie Sidhe back home. Now she is becoming involved again, though her time as a changeling and the mind curse have left her more than a little Wyld touched and lacking clarity on reality at times.

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Kenna: The giver of Nicknames, my liege, her pains are mine to wash away.

Ellie: As reality challenged as me. Ever feel something so strong it scares?

Oswald: Bestist Troll Ever with bacon wrapped double sausage!

Clara: Super hot, but not in that way, Kininianinin.

Locke: Liked me and let me like him dispite my being a kith-est bitch.

Keira: OMG stunning Eshu and nicer than she is pretty!

Eloise: Mother of goodness type nature demi-goddess, what's not to love!

Axton: Greatest ally against the hated Cats, to War!

Ariana: Lovely, funny, good person with an pixie for a child!

Azoun: A nice innocent who awards the most wonderful blushes!

Phil: Ohhh we should never have a night on the town. MischiefPocalypse!

Isis: Stunningly beautiful, stunningly playful, and friendly, yay!

Carolyn: Lovely, funny, friendly; awesomeest Sidhe! Must night out with!

Liesl: New waitress, super nice!

Aleksei: The new boss, complete mystery though good deeds!

Titania: Language barrier makes knowing her hard. Seems nice!

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Secretly: Nigha is something between a split personality and imaginary friend that Jinx believes in and sometimes becomes through the use of Metamorphosis and Legerdemain. When in the background, Nigha is Jinx's anger and frustration with the world, almost a spirit that accompanies her and always has something negative to say or suggest. When in fore foreground, Jinx's Mortal and Fae mein change and the true Jinx takes place as a side person giving commentary.

Publicly: Nigha is an Unseelie Sidhe who spends most all of her time in the Dreaming, dealing with rather nasty and violent Chimera, often fighting them to keep the worst away from the larger fae community but also deeply involved in pursuits of personal power. A sorceress of significant power, she is more a leader of powerful Chimera than a direct physical presence. And while she has the general welfare of the changeling and Wyld-Shifter community as a priority, wishing to protect others and see their shared enemies brought low, none of this makes her especially nice as a person. She is orderly, methodical, though given to anger.

Nigha Playlist:

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Secretly: Mishap is something between a split personality and imaginary friend that Jinx believes in and sometimes becomes through the use of Metamorphosis and Elder Form, with a new 'Jinx' Chimera being created. Mishap is Jinx's most playful, chaoticly light side. A spirit that accompanies Jinx that always has something creative, inspired, kind, and helpful if maybe trouble causing to say or suggest.

Publicly: Mishap is a Wyld and Seelie allied Chimera. A 4" tall 'pixy' who can manifest, looks the same to both sides of the Dreaming, and can cast Arts. She tends to be helpful but very mercurial in such, as often pranking or disruptive but in the end trying to see that things come out well for everyone (on her side) though with as much of a roller coaster ride as is possible. What fun would it be if things went smoothly right?

Mishap's Playlist:


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Full Name: Danica "Jinx" Jenkins
Date of Birth: March 20th 1992
Height: 5' or 5"
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Violet or Gray/Black
Occupation: Many 1day/week jobs
Nature/Demeanor: Caregiver/Celebrant
Legacies: Dandy/Fool
Race: Changeling
Kith/Seeming: Pooka/Wildling
Court: Unseelie
Species: Western Gray Squirrel

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