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"Some things are too fast, too strong, too powerful for a normal person to compete. There are monsters in the woods, children. Horrific creatures stalking us through the concrete wilderness, invisible in the sea of bodies. The wolf in sheep's clothing. The fanged creatures in a human body. The only way to survive is to know they're coming... And be ready for them."

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Things That Go Bump In The Night
Vampires "The joke is on you, buddy. I can see in the dark too."
Werewolves "Howling at the moon is a hobby, not a lifestyle. Just stay out of my way."
The Rest Of Us
Prodigal "I've never met most of you and I like that way. It means that you're not out causing trouble for the mortals, which means in turn we can get along ... Even if I'm not precisely normal myself."
Mortals "It's okay, children. I'm here to help. Look to me and I'll be the shining beacon to lead you from the darkness. I'm still one of you... I think."

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Nadine - Partner. Best friend.

Willow - We'll see where this ends up.

Pippa - Haven't seen her in awhile, but there were good times.

Alexis - What have I got myself into now? Someone mentioned aliens. We are on the border...

Aiden - Not... Jennifer... Lawrence...

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RP Hooks

The Mundane

The Long Arm of the Law. Josie is a decorated police officer who has served six years on the police force and currently serves as one of the only female SWAT team members in the state of California. As a senior patrolman by rank she is in charge of a squad of SWAT team members and also serves as one half of a sniper team. She's pretty strait-laced and will do her job, but if you're not hurting anyone with the bag of mary jane you're hiding under the seat of your car she's probably not going to say anything. It's only a misdemeanor anyway.

A Collection Of Oddities. On the one hand, Joey likes to wear dresses and heels around town and on the other she is a member of one the most rigorously trained paramilitary outfits in the world. At work she's focused, disciplined, and self assured while the rest of the time she's a little shy and clumsy. Once you get her engaged, however, you might have trouble getting the girl to stop talking.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. This is perhaps a misnomer; when she's focused Joey can be intense, but she's prone to losing trains of thought, flights of fancy, and sudden bursts of manic energy. It can sometimes be extreme, even interrupting important conversations. She's not necessarily boisterous or disruptive, but the impetus is there.

Beyond The Veil

It's Not A Blessing, It's A Curse. Some experts have postulated that Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is an evolutionary trait designed to help human beings cope with the sudden onrush of information which has accompanied the Information Age. There are numerous stories of people with so called ADHD perceiving minute details, processing data at an unbelievable rate. Soldiers with ADHD have saved entire squads from IEDs because they noticed something was out of place or 'wrong'. They didn't always know what, but snap judgments are part and parcel with the loss of attention span. Josephine takes this concept a step further. She's saved numerous lives, but the side effects can be... Crippling.

Joey's hearing and sense of touch are honed to the point where it is as if she can see in the dark. She can make out the details of a sign from a mile away or a single speck on the tine of a fork. Sometimes this is very useful, but most of the time it is incredibly distracting. Sometimes she is pretty sure she can even see the future. But only glimpses, hidden in the world around her. It's an inevitable progression, with every action's consequences determined the moment it is taken ad infinitum.

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Full Name: Josephine Isabella Driscoll
Profession: Officer III, Assistant SWAT Squad Leader, Sniper/Spotter
Birth Date: July 27th, 1986
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 148lbs

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