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What's there to know? That depends entirely on who you are. To the mortal world, she's a teenager. Someone hovering on the fringes of social norms. A geek, an outsider. A poor one at that, but not a vagrant. The girl tends to get ignored by those who pass her by, she's too polite to be considered trouble, too shy to be friendly, and just too plain to be noticed. For those with a deep and intimate knowledge of organized crime, specific to the Italians of New York, Joey might be a little more notable - if you can manage to put two and two together to get five. Her father worked in that community, with a reputation as a very hard man. When he died in the early summer of 2015 in the midst of a really nasty turf war, his princess disappeared for her own safety. She was never part of the business, but who knows what secrets he holds? Beyond the mortal world, in the inner workings of the garou nation, the same man was very well known. His posthumous riting of Elder as a theurge of the Glass Walkers was in response to his sacrifice in the battle for the caern, a fight won hard with the loss of two-thirds of the defenders, local and reinforcements alike. There are rumors about the girl losing her senses when she witnessed the battle, and others about strange spiritual curses. Whatever the reason, the young kin was shipped post-haste to the west coast. How long she'll be here, is anyone's guess.

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Kinfolk Kinfolk Rule 1. Duty First. Rule 2. Duty Always. If in doubt, See Rules 1 and 2.
BSDs BSD We kicked your ass before, and we'll do it again. You're weak.
Gaians Gaian I don't know a lot about you cousins, there's so much to learn.
Werewolf Werewolf My blood, my family, my life.
Vampire Vampire Keep it to yourself and I won't have to report you.
Mage Mage I hear you guys can be pretty scary.
Changeling Changeling You look strange, and you act like children. Is it perpetually Halloween?
Wraith Wraith I'm sorry you're confused, you don't have to be a dick about it.
Demon Demon What are you talking about?
Mortal Mortal Absolutely amazing folks, so much energy and vision. Keep building!

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Journey - You showed me kindness, then the door.

George - It's good to know my friend is in safe company.

Cynthia - You're nuts. I've got to meet you.

Connor - You're way too angry.

Brody - You got it together, for being a deadman.

Alessio - They knew what they were doing. You're the best.

Andi - Sharp woman. I know I can learn a lot from you.

Paige - Hate admitting it. You're pretty okay.

Furio - Like Santa - Only with better toys.

Torsten - I could use a big brother like you.

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Joey Russo

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Name: Josephine Isabella Russo
Tribe: Glass Walker
Position: Kinfolk
Employment: None
Education: High School Diploma
Known Skills: Computer Coding

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 106 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
RP Hooks

Joey can see more than most. Is she looking at you funny? (True Sight)

"I am not a hacker!" yells the girl as she strings code together on a computer that causes passwords to become obsolete.

That Bronx accent sneaks out when emotions run high.

Organized Crime has a way of finding their own, or the daughters thereof.

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