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All pics represent Josh after being taken in and cleaned up. He is currently homeless and unkempt.

Nickname: Josh
Date of Birth: Sometime in the 90's?
Apparent Age: 18-21
Occupations: Homeless Weirdo
Demeanor: Waif
Nature: Gallant

Template: Not Human
Home: Tent City, USA
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Body: Tightly Muscled. 10/10. No, really, dude.
Here In The Valley

  • I See You!: He may or may not always let on, but Josh 'Sees' you. He can see it all, from Wraiths, to Changelings to Spirits. It might explain why he sometimes comes off so weird.

  • Do You Like My Accent?: Sometimes Josh is French (Though he doesn't seem to really speak French). Sometimes he is from Boston, or Jersey, or Louisiana. His accents are usually pretty notable.

  • Wherefore Art Thou?: He knows literature. He can often be found somewhere reading a book. He can quote Shakespeare or other major plays, and he adores telling stories. He also sings. He...might also play a few instruments. Perhaps.

  • Why Stand Still?: Josh is usually on the move. Even when he's reading he has a tendency to pace or something. He is filled with energy!

  • Where I Lay My Head...: Yeah, Josh is homeless. He usually lives in the tent city in town, but sometimes he sleeps on the beach. Okay, usually he sleeps on the beach, but he has a tent in the tent city, too.

  • Who Am I? Well, Who Are You?: Depending on who he is talking to, his life story is usually fairly different. Sometimes he's a Prince on the run. Other times he grew up in the Bayou and hunted Gators with his Pa! He might even be a brilliant young scientist on the run from the government. Who is he really?

Faces I Meet





">Into The Fire - Scarlet Pimpernel
">La Ve Boheme - Rent
">Falcon In The Dive - Scarlet Pimpernel<
The Mirror


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