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Changeling Half in and half out of a dream. Tell me more about this other world.
Demon I am intimately familiar with these beings, tied to the Salem Witches since that fateful night.
Mage What in modern times they say when they mean "Witch," but don´t wish the evil connotation.
Mortal Unfinished clay. I believe all have potential to be more but the unknown has always been the biggest fear.
Werewolf I am told they are savages. I suspect it's more than that.
Wraith They serve my power. There is little choice in the matter. Some are rather intelligent, all are of use.
Vampire Also immortal. Their dead magick interests me.

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Paige Mama's baby. Your innocent demeanor hides a scab.

Zara Ahh Miss Katz. What a lovely surprise, and one I am not likely to forget. Like a firework our time was brief but brilliant.

Monday I always hated Mondays. Apparently I like at least one of them.

Leigh My indispensable corporate lawyer. My apprentice. My darling. I am so happy to have you back from across the pond. Who said fraternization was taboo? Nothing is forbidden.

Eloise You may have even convinced yourself you mean well but either way, your hand upon the threads is weaving a new tyranny with yourself as its matriarch. We Dreamspeakers could have been content to commune with the spirits. Now we must commune with each other and the traditions. I will make sure my people are not steamrolled into the Sacred Order of Eloise.

Xavia One of my dearest friends with skin, if in fact it is possible for a necromancer to have friends.

Steele I´m beginning to think pot brownies are your foci. If they aren´t...they should have been. Wiser than your appearance suggests.

Alisha One should not break the rule of shade, but I fear that the council would use your death to justify the pyres to come for whoever earns their displeasure. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Vervane For all your melancholy, I sense a deeper wisdom.

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Juliette Craven

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Concept: Heiress/Business Developer/CEO

Tradition: Dreamspeaker

Position: Delegate to the Council of Nine

Played By: Janet Montgomery

About the Player: User:Faqirah


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RP Hooks

Charity Balls, expensive tastes, civilized diversions, lavish spending, excess... Where you find the upper crust there you'll find the ludicrously wealthy and single Juliette Craven.

REAL ESTATE INVESTOR Miss Craven buys defunct businesses and transforms them into money making enterprises for eventual resale. Check out the Belvedere Hotel and its Top of the World Club. If you don't have resources 3 or a date with someone who does, you probably can't afford it.

NECROMANCY A practitioner of the dark arts, Juliette is always interested in the occult and the less savory magicks of other supernatural races. You´ll find her at occult shops, sifting through the garbage to try and find something legitimate. Wraith PC´s welcome.

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The Spaces in Between --How to Destroy Angels-- [1]

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