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Yi Jun

"Wisdom, Compassion and Courage are the three universally recognized qualities of men." - Confucius


Notable Stats

Intelligence: Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.png
Wits: Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.png


Natural Channel


Diminished Attributes (Physicals)


Arete: Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.png

Spirit Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.png
Prime Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.png
Life Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.png
Entropy Dotgold1-filled.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.pngDotgold1.png
Race: Mage
Tradition: Akashic Brotherhood
Faction: Wu Lung
Essence: Questing
Occupation: Student/Business Owner
Cabal: None

Jun has always been a sickly little kid. Ever since he could remember his body was just not up to snuff. He was never the hot kid, and he was never the social blossom. He was always sick and he was always the last to get picked for sports teams and was bullied in school. Yun isn't the archetype of social activism.

When he awakened everything changed. Not only did he find something to have faith in, but he had the tools to build a better life and world if he wished it. Whereas many would say the Dragon Wizards ripped him from his life, he would say they saved him. Their principles, their teachings and their spirituality breathed new life into weak bones. Maybe Jun isn't out of the running yet for a fitful life.

Jun has not had the best history, and due to it has become extremely shy to the point of fretting over words and being hard to socialize with. He is naturally quiet and not one for boisterous actions or overtures. However, people can easily notice that the young man is far smarter than his shyness would lead many to believe and having a fount of knowledge ranging a broad stroke of topics. He is a faithful Taoist, attempting to live it's principles in practice as well as in faith.


Eloise A nice lady, though a bit quiet from what I expected her Tradition to be.

Velok I expected more ice than fire from one of the Yin-Masters. I sense a lack of balance, best tread lightly.

Basilisk Stares

Glendora A troubled soul. I hope our meeting gave something of a balm for you. She also makes me pop anxiety meds like no one else has.

Gemma A wandering soul who seems to keep finding her way back to me. I have ears if you need them, and help if you ask of it.

Nagi A kind woman who seemed enthused as I am with the simple things, and shares an academic mind like myself. I hope I see her again.

Toshio ...I wish I was as cool as you.